At 43, Eula Valdez still enjoys activities that her kids, Miguel, 18, and 8-year-old Juliana, love to do. But she gets irritated whenever her son is mistaken as her “young boyfriend.” So, what did Eula do to prevent this situation from happening again?

Photo: Noel Orsal

FINISH STUDIES FIRST. Since Miguel is taking up film, Eula’s not surprised if he’ll eventually enter showbiz. And she’s happy that he’ll be working behind the camera.

As for Juliana, “Iyong bunso ko, gusto raw niya maging Eula Valdez,” the versatile actress modestly tells the press.

“Pero sabi niya, gusto raw niya sa Hollywood, sabi ko, ‘Sige anak mangarap ka. Libre lang naman mangarap, di ba?’

“At saka sobrang sensitive, nakikita ko iyong sarili ko sa kanya.”

Eula says she’s a supportive mom. But just like other celebrity parents, she sets one condition for her kids: finish studies first.

“Ako naka-graduate ako,” Eula proudly says.

“Kailangan ‘wag mo rin papabayaan iyong studies mo.

“She’s [Juliana] doing very well naman sa school at saka sa Kumon din, lagi siyang may medal.”

Supporting your kids is one thing and guiding them through their dreams is another,  Eula wants every mom to realize.

Let kids explore and allow them to discover for themselves what they would like to be someday.

The role of a parent, according to Eula, is to support and guide your children to reach their dreams.