Meet the members of General Luna: (L-R) Caren Mangaran (Guitars), Nicole Asensio (Vocals), Alexis Montemayor (Bass), Audry Dionisio (Guitars), and Bea Lao (Drums).  All of them are brand ambassadors of Tomato, an eight-year retailer that pushes "reasonably-priced fashion."

Photo: Noel Orsal

They are made to turn heads.

At the store opening of Tomato Market! Market! branch last June 10, five ladies elicited stares from the shoppers and passersby.

Their faces are not yet familiar to the general public. But in the local music scene, rock band aficionados see them as emerging goddesses.

General Luna is what they are called, and nope, it has nothing to do with the founder of the country's first military academy.

Nicole Asensio, the group's leader said in a previous interview, "It was a name formed after we decided to do a name-the-band contest of sorts."

But how it suited them!

Just like the Filipino hero, Nicole and her groupmates—Bea Lao (Drums), Audry Dionisio (Guitars), Caren Mangaran (Guitars), and Alexis Montamayor (Bass)—are driven, feisty, and astig in a world (and genre) dominated by males.

Aside from their great talent and good looks, they're also certified fashionistas.

At the event, they all wore Tomato, and gave it some character with a few accents.

Nicole's "classic rock n' roll style" was shelved that day.

The lady who's also into theater and gymnastics said, "I hardly ever, ever wear dresses. It's a special occasion and I decided to put on this Tomato dress."

She spiced up her outfit with a belt, a leather bag, and her favorite black and silver keyboard strike watch—which are all from the clothing company that chose her as one of its brand ambassadors.

Audry, who prefers "relaxed outfits," turned her dress into a shirt, which she matched with shorts, bangles, and espadrilles—a pair of shoes usually made of canvass or cotton fabric with a rope or rubber sole.

She told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "Less effort, the better."