Just like any average guy, grooming was not a main concern to Benjamin Alves. But not until he decided to join showbiz a few years back. Since then, he has become quite particular about his looks because, “I think with any job, whatever it requires you, you respect it so that’s what I’m doing now.”

Photo: Noel Orsal

Sure, Benjamin Alves is good-looking to begin with. He is blessed with great genes just like his famous uncle, Piolo Pascual.

But now that the 23-year-old Kapuso actor is becoming more visible in the entertainment scene, he began going the extra mile to look better.

KILLER SMILE. On August 18, at the premiere night of Guni-Guni, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got to ask Lovi Poe’s leading man his secret behind that "killer smile."

“Nothing much actually, but I did wear corrective braces before kasi there [are] some [misalignments],” Benjamin said.

According to medicinenet.com, patients with crooked teeth are given corrective braces in order to realign them.

It works by “applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. As the teeth move, the bony tooth socket reabsorbs and changes shape as pressure is applied.”

Benjamin said his corrective braces helped a lot in making his teeth look more visually appealing for the cameras.

But what matters more, he said, are the daily care practices he does religiously to keep his pearly whites healthy.

“I always brush and floss my teeth, like, after every meal.

“Actually, flossing talaga, e, iyon iyong mas effective.

“If you don’t do it kasi to your teeth, it deteriorates, e. And brushing can only do so much.

“So, I always floss every after meal.”

SKIN CARE. Next topic was grooming.

Prior to joining showbiz, he admitted to not having any skin-care regimen.