Bianca Gonzalez feels blessed because, even if she's not a movie star, she has a string of endorsements— the latest being Rexona. She says, "... this campaign 'do: more' is really about [my] personality and the personality of Phil Younghusband. Yung parang we live life na active, involved…" (View photos: Bianca Gonzalez and Phil Younghusband, and their "do more" philosophy)

Photo: Mike Caliwara

Bianca Gonzalez does not consider herself a star.

Even though she's currently very visible as a celebrity endorser— shampoo, lipstick, feminine wash, tablet, coffee, deodorant, to name a few— her humble remark was, “Sobra ko lang suwerte, I’m at the right place at the right time.”


She does not consider herself belonging to the “pinakamaganda” or “pinaka-popular” elite either.

“I’m obviously not that. There are prettier, more popular people… Now it’s really more about, I guess, personality?


“I appreciate that brands now are not looking for gloss or hype, yung gano'n?


“It’s more of the message that they want to put across and not the gloss,” she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an exclusive interview last June 27, at her launch (along with Phil Younghusband) as the ambassador of Rexona’s Do: More campaign.


Despite her "privileged" status in life, Bianca clarifies that these trappings were not handed to her on a silver platter.


Smiling, the Kapamilya host said, “… as much as I’d like to say na parang lumalaki ang ulo ko, parang hindi e.


“Kasi I know what it’s like to just be there, just be one… I mean, I also started in production, so parang I worked hard din naman to be here.”

LOVELIFE. Besides Bianca’s career, her relationship with cager JC Intal is also glowing!

PEP asked, “How come you’re more open about your lovelife now?”

Bianca smiled, “Yeah, yeah. I think it comes with age din.”

But marriage is not yet part of their plans.

She said, “I think we talk about plans in general, like, ‘Siguro in the future it’s nice to live here, to go here…’

“But then, completely, honestly, wala pa...

“But everything is going well. And I don’t wish it naman upon us na maghiwalay kami.

“So, yeah, so far, everything’s goin' great and stable.”

Wedding proposal?

Bianca shook her head, “Wala pa, e.”

She added, “I think kasi ako yung girl so parang in our culture, hindi yung babae yung nag-i-initiate, dapat yung lalaki, parang ganun, parang, ‘Uy, kailan?’