Because the space is limited in a condominium, the furniture choices become even more crucial. Participate in shopping, or at least putting in a vote, for your home furnishings. There’ll be no avoiding that ugly sofa once you open the door!


(YES! 2008 Celebrity Homes)

Photo: Jervy Santiago

Everything is walking distance!" exclaims Kian Kazemi, the part-time model and Pinoy Big Brother season 2 contestant, raving about the central location of the condo tower in Makati where he stays. It is at the heart of Salcedo Village, and also a few blocks away from Persian Grill, the middle-Eastern restaurant he owns and manages. He escorts the YES! team from the condo's lobby to the 27th-floor unit he shares with his family, then suggests that everybody eats first before heading there.

"Persian Grill is very near," says Kian, then adds with a bit of hyperbole: "We can walk the entire city from here!"

He's so upbeat despite the sultry afternoon weather, not to mention his empty stomach. During the photo shoot, he goofed around non-stop while his mother Charito and younger brother Arian gladly fulfilled tour-guide duty. "He's been wanting to move out," reveals Mrs. Kazemi. "His dad and I aren't quite sure, though, if he's absolutely up to the challenge."

Besides, what's the rush? This 300-square-meter abode is, quite literally, the height of comfort. Plush Persian carpets (Kian's father is Iranian, and is in the Persian carpets business), exquisite Oriental furnishing, and tasteful lighting...why would anyone want to leave?

Kian says that he mostly hangs in his bedroom when at home. His one guilty pleasure is calling for home-spa service. Once again, he circles back to the point of everything being walking distance from their place: "After a massage," he says, "it's simply awesome that I don't have to walk!"