Sunshine looked radiant in her wedding gown. The simple bustier neckline set off her shoulders beautifully, and the ballgown silhouette triggered gasps of admiration from guests and tears of joy from her mother, Alma. The cascading bouquet of flowers with its huge, central Stargazer lily seemed to bloom with Sunshine. Photo: Nelson Villarica


It was the perfect setting for any wedding. The bay, the sunset, and the changing colors of the sky served as backdrop when Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano exchanged marriage vows on the beach.


The beautiful bride couldn't contain her excitement, as the groom gazed lovingly at his bride. It was a scene straight out of a movie with a happily-ever-after ending.


Their romance had started when she played leading lady to his action hero in Bullet, Cesar's first directorial job. That team-up eventually led to a marriage proposal in Bohol, a pamanhikan in Manila, the nuptials by Manila Bay and a honeymoon in the Caribbean.


The couple tied the knot last September 14, 2000, at the beachside of Manila Bay.