Paula Peralejo and her husband Charlie Fernandez opted for a Filipiniana-themed wedding "to showcase the beauty, arts and culture of our own country."

Photo: Rose Garcia

“I will never forget the labor of love my friends and family put into this.

“My niece Nica [Veronica Peralejo, isang dating child star] did most of the DIY projects.

“My nieces Chesca and Margaret also helped out in doing the signage, ‘Sa wakas’ artwork, et cetera.

“My sister Rica [Peralejo-Bonifacio] helped us all throughout by telling us the things we didn't know about wedding events.

“She also hosted our program and worked on the script.

“My co-teachers din all helped in setting up the reception.

“My friend Jude, from Cebu, flew in to host the program with my sister.

“My friends Fudge and Father Jboy helped us with Tagalog translations, and my friend Anna Cristobal did an amazing job with our invitation.

“[We had] so much help from so many people and we're just so grateful to have them in our lives.

“We weren't planning on giving a speech for our wedding night, but we ended up giving a speech ‘cause we knew we had to thank so many people, who went out of their way to make our wedding as beautiful as it was!”