Though actor Ian Veneracion has found his passion for cooking, the mestizo ex-action star is not planning to make a career out of it.   "Ah, hindi," he smiled when asked by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "for personal reasons only."

Photo: Noel Orsal

Ian Veneracion has found action in the kitchen!

The former action star, who started his showbiz career as part of the long defunct youth-oriented talent and variety show, That's Entertainment, made this revelation to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)  in a recent conversation during the press conference of First Time,  held at Studio 6 of the GMA Network Studios in Quezon City.

Ian has always been fond of recipes and ingredients, though his knowledge at first was strictly based on cook books or suggestions by others.

"Mahilig naman talaga ako magluto so I said might as well na pag-aralan ko na para sure ako na tama yong ginagawa ko."

Ian's desire to learn more about cooking prompted him to enroll at Café Ysabel, where he took up a Culinary Arts course under the guidance of professional chefs.

Before, the boyish looking actor was more interested in the art of preparing main dishes rather than tinkering with oven knobs and setting the right temperature on baked goods. The impression that cooking is "fast-paced" and thus more exciting perhaps stems from Ian's being a lover of anything adrenalin-packed.

To Ian's surprise, he found both cooking and baking enjoyable. His wife and children, too, are having a great time trying out Ian's specialties.

"Ang gustong-gusto ng wife ko, siyempre, 'yong mga basic tiramuso, pizza crust na ginagawa ko, pasta and chicken, kung anu-ano lang. Tapos you'll experiment also, subukan mo 'tong ganito, subukan mo 'tong recipe na 'to... Minsan hindi masarap, minsan masarap," laughs Ian.

It's often said that the surest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But it could also work the other way around, as Ian came to realize.

He proudly boasts with a smile, "Ah, siyempre 10,000 pogi points, di ba, pag kaya mong ipagluto si misis ng masarap na breakfast or masarap na dinner, siyempre, na-a-appreciate niya 'yon."