Dingdong Dantes has chosen the Gonzaga family to be the recipient of a special gift—a new home in San Mateo, Rizal. Two of the seven Gonzaga kids were featured in his documentary show, Report Card.

"Bagong community, bagong buhay.  Hopefully, magkaroon ng bagong kinabukasan lalo na ang mga anak nila," says the Kapuso actor.

Photo: Nerisa Almo

Last March 8, Thursday, Dingdong Dantes took some time off from his busy schedule to personally turn over the house he had promised to the Gonzaga family.

During his birthday last year Dingdong announced that instead of receiving gifts, he would like to be the one to bestow a gift.

He chose the Gonzaga family because two of the seven boys were featured in his documentary for GMA Public Affairs program titled Report Card.

The Gonzaga family used to live under a bridge between San Mateo, Rizal and Quezon City.

The documentary featured the two boys, who shared a pair of shoes which they would use alternately. They also had to walk a few kilometers to get to school.

Their story, according to Dingdong, was one of the most touching parts of Report Card.

He further related, "Kahit na mahirap sila, kasi nakatira lang sila sa ilalim ng tulay, e, hindi sila tumigil sa pag-aaral. May pagpupursigi sila sa pag-aaral.

"Nakita namin na kahit gano'n ang living conditions nila, talagang on-the-go sila, walang hahadlang sa kanilang pagpasok kahit na sabihing wala silang sapatos at walang kagamitan."

With Dingdong's "special gift," the family is starting a new life in Banyuhay Ville, Barangay Silangan in San Mateo, Rizal.

"Bagong community, bagong buhay.  Hopefully, magkaroon ng bagong kinabukasan lalo na ang mga anak nila," he said.

The Kapuso actor refused to take credit for bringing new hope to the Gonzaga family.

He stressed, "'Yong talagang heroes dito ay 'yong mga bata, kasi sila  'yong nagpupursige sa pag-aaral.  

"Sabi ko nga, e, sana they will serve as inspiration sa bagong community.

"Kung nagawa nila dati, much more ngayon because they already have a home. Hindi na sila nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay, secure na sila dito."

The My Beloved actor also thanked the people who helped build the Gonzaga family's new home. They include members of Yes Pinoy Foundation, San Mateo Mayor Jose Rafael Diaz and his friend Harvey Camposano.