Even though their pairing was unplanned, Xian Lim proves he is steadfast and committed to his loveteam partner, Kim Chiu, by being a patient suitor.

Looking at the roster of ABS-CBN loveteams today, one pair that stands out is Xian Lim and Kim Chiu.

Born out of experiment from the teleserye My Binondo Girl, the KimXi loveteam definitely has a unique brand of “kilig” that has viewers hooked and wanting more.

GIVING IN TO THE TASTE OF FANS. Coming from the success of Kim’s team-up with Gerald Anderson, it became a challenge for the network to re-establish the actress with a new loveteam partner.

Enter the primetime series My Binondo Girl, where Kim starred with three leading men— Jolo Revilla, Matteo Guidicelli, and Xian Lim— perhaps to see which combination would click best.

In the beginning, fans seemed to favor a Matteo Guidicelli - Kim Chiu loveteam because of their Cebuano connection and onscreen chemistry.

Soon, however, the glow of their impending partnership dimmed as the public got to know about Matteo’s relationship with Maja Salvador.

(Maja was Kim’s friend, which made it a little awkward for the latter’s followers to see their idol canoodling with her friend’s boyfriend onscreen.)

This gave Jolo a window of opportunity to step forward and make his presence felt in Kim’s circle.

They appeared to hit it off right away, with Jolo winning Kim’s attention by bringing her favorite food, siomai, every day on the set.

Many thought that it would all lead to courtship, but Jolo admitted that while he admired Kim, he wasn’t keen on making a move to formally court her.

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THE BIRTH OF KIMXI. As the show My Binondo Girl progressed, fans became drawn to the chemistry of Jade and Andy, played by Kim and Xian, respectively.

The plot of contrasting personalities falling in love with each other appealed to fans.