Nanette Medved-Po encourages people to drink Hope in a Bottle. "It's a very easy project," she says. "Kung suportahan ng buong country, di maraming matutulungan... Parang yung public schools natin ngayon, nag-digress. We shouldn't allow that because we really need this country to do well."


The impact, she adds, is dependent on the support that her project will generate. "Kung walang makukuhang support, di walang matutulungan, di ba. Pero kung masu-support siya, oo, we can help as many as people will allow."


Photo: Noel Orsal

She kept on saying, "This has nothing to do with me..."

But the concept Hope in a Bottle was Nanette Medved-Po's brainchild.

Unknown to the public, the former actress has been active in socio-civic work "since my time in show business."

Without meaning to be supercilious, Nanette recounted, "I've always found my self involved in this sort of things.

"But it was always in 'my private capacity' to maintain... I've worked with Bantay Banta and other advocacies.

"But it was never something maingay na ganito. Hindi kailangan mag-press con, di ba. And so that's why, people don't really know."

She actually didn't plan joining the media launch held at the Kenny Rogers Roasters on Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, last March 20.

"I was not supposed to be here today... But at the last minute, I was instructed that I must come."

More than a decade since her last film, the former Darna star is now happy playing her roles as a wife to business tycoon Christopher Po, a mom to her two kids, and the founder of Friends of Hope.

For the latter, she modestly threw in, "Something like that..."

Then, she pleaded, "Don't talk about me anymore. It's not about me. You guys should be the heroes because you're going to tell the public."

HOPE IN A BOTTLE. The project came about because of her desire to uplift the status of public school education.

"If you look at the private schools, they have na mga source of funding. Pero yung public schools natin, naghihirap.

"And we can't always rely on government to solve all the problems, and so we thought, rather than blaming the government for the lack of this and that...why don't we come up with a solution?' she related.