Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi and their twins, Cassy and Mavy (second and third from left), enjoy good vibes in their home. '"Yong mga pumasok na rito nagandahan sa bahay," Zoren says. "Sa tingin ko, it's the house. Pakiramdam ko 'yong energy na pagpasok nila sa house, yong energy na naba-vibe nila inside the house—iyon 'yon. Sinabi ko nga sa kambal: "Yong bahay, ang 'kinakaganda niyan, 'yong mga taong nasa sa loob. No matter how big your house is, kung lagi naman nag-aaway ang pamilya, hindi nag-uusap, walang communication, naglolokohan—it's not really a home.' Dito, kaya siguro sabi nila maganda 'yong feeling—na sinasabi ng mga bisita, e, 'Maaliwalas'—I think siguro 'yon 'yong positive vibe na nakukuha nila. Maniwala ka o hindi, hindi talaga kami nag-aaway ni Carmina." (YES! May 2008 issue)

Photo: Rene Mejia

At 12 noon, the Villarroel-Legaspi household is still. The sun slips in through the glass windows, bathing the ground floor with natural light am showcasing the contemporary decor. Moments later, Carmina comes down the stairs, rubbing her still-damp hair with the face towel in her hand, her unmade-up face clear and beautiful, and her sweet smile shifting in seconds to concern. She quickly greets the YES! team, taking note of everyone's names. "Kanina pa kayo?" she asks. "Gusto na ba ninyo mag-shoot?"

Before we can answer, she continues, her sentences rippling one after the other: "Ayaw ninyo ba maupo or something? Nag-shoot na ba kayo? Bilin ko sa kanila na 'wag mag-start. Antayin dapat ako! Gusto ko makita! Every month, I buy your issue. That's why I know how you do houses!"

With ease and grace, the host leads us to the den where she will have her makeup done.

Zoren arrives a few minutes later with daughter Cassy, followed by a man lugging a big box. Zoren says he has just bought a new television set and engages in casual chitchat, before excusing himself to go upstairs to set up his new gadget.

Cassy scans the room and shyly retreats upstairs, too.

Mavy also takes a peek at the hubbub in the den, flashes us a smile, and decides to go to his room to play chess on his computer.

Meanwhile, Carmina proceeds to tell us the history of the Pasig home.

"For the longest time, we were renting- renting in Valle Verde and White Plains," she begins in her characteristic chirpy tone.

They were still in the renting stage when they bought a 300-square-meter lot in Pasig. Sometime in 2004, Carmina recalls, she told Zoren: "Honey, tara na. Sige na, patayo na tayo."