Through her entire career—it can be said that Rosanna Roces, who is a very outspoken actress, has already figured in a lot of controversies. She has, in fact, made a lot of foes in showbiz: Lolit Solis, Vicki Belo, Lani Mercado, Lorna Tolentino, among others. Photo: Enie Reyes

Despite the claims of Rosanna on national television, Lorna kept her silence and let Osang do all the talking. The statement that Lorna issued at that time was that her marriage with Daboy—Rudy's popular name in showbiz—is very solid.

Manay Lolit, Osang's former manager. In an article with PEP , the prominent talent manager said that she is ready to forgive Rosanna, her former talent and co-host in Startalk.

Osang left Startalk in 2004 because Lolit allegedly squealed the pregnancy of her daughter Grace Adriano to Dra. Belo. Their word war then was so intense.

In 2006, the year that Startalk celebrated it's 11th anniversary, Osang granted the show an interview. She said that she has forgiven Lolit. "Kahit may sabihin pa siya [Lolit], wala na siyang maririnig sa akin. Kahit papaano, may pinagsamahan din kami," she added.

The following week, also in Startalk, Lolit took the hot seat . When asked about the reconciliatory statement of Osang, Manay Lolit said: "Oo, sincere siya pero ano lang... Ang isang bagay lang na masasabi ko—ngayon ko pa lang sasabihin—ako pwede ko siyang patawarin. Pero hindi ko mapapatawad yung ginawa niya kay Lorna Tolentino." Manay Lolit is also the manager of Lorna and Rudy Fernandez.

Fight of the two lolas . Then came the feud between Rosanna and Lani Mercado over their grandson Jose Gabriel.

Jolo's a woman beater, the Revillas are not sending baby Gab enough financial support, Brian is a drug user, Bong has a mistress—all these were Osang's allegations. Osang prohibited Jolo from seeing his own child. Lani planned resorting to legal means.

To date, Lani is very optimistic about patching things up with Osang, "Hindi imposible na maging okay din kami ni Osang. I hope you're fine. I hope you're at peace. I hope you're happy."

Rosanna, on the other hand, does not seem to be ready yet for any reconciliation with Lani. The two women are cordial with each other.

Back in Tito Molina's arms. This is what Rosanna wants to happen. Osang even said in The Buzz last March 25 that she would never enter into another relationship unless it were with Tito Molina.

She also admitted that she misses her ex-husband. "Sasabihin ko, 'Mahal pa rin kita." Mamamatay ako na ang huling bibigkasin ko, pangalan niya," declared Osang.

In 2005, however, Rosanna was singing a different tune. She called Tito a "drug user" and "irresponsible." The two were together for 11 years.

So what's up with Osang Now?

She's happy laying a doting lola to Budoy, the son of Jolo and Grace. But with regard to the rows she had with different people, there has not been any real closure. When is she going to be willing to kiss and make up with her so-called foes? Only time will tell.