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Question: sino ang mas bagay gumanap na jesse ng full house?
marian rivera - 124 (44.8%)
heart evangelista - 97 (35%)
sheena halili - 56 (20.2%)
Total Voters: 277

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Author Topic: GMA-7's Full House (Philippine TV remake series): all updates here!  (Read 195257 times)
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« Reply #690 on: December 23, 2008, 10:55:12 AM »


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« Reply #691 on: January 02, 2009, 06:58:02 PM »

sheena as jessie plzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz...... .............. .............. .......
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Marian Rivera da best!!!

« Reply #692 on: January 05, 2009, 11:19:17 AM »

sheena as jessie plzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz...... .............. .............. .......

ako kahit kanino gusto ko!!..hehehehehehe ...

      ---SOLID GMA7,,,,SOLID KAPUSO...!!              
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end the network war!

« Reply #693 on: January 08, 2009, 02:53:03 PM »

disheartening to me...

it was stated in an article today titled best bet for 2009 na si heart daw ang gaganap sa full house. i was really hoping the project would reunite richard and marian after their huge and unexpected success in BFGF. Now that PEP reported full house would feature heart, I'm not really so sure I would be up and giddy. I honestly think heart needs more comedic timing. she's good in drama but there are comedy scenes that she acted out that to me are a bit awkward and not timing. i really do hope GMA reconsiders this latest development.

GMA c'mmon...don't let full house be a mild hit. Huh

I would really like to see an end to the network wars. Who knows the entertainment industry might begin to thrive. What do you think?
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« Reply #694 on: January 11, 2009, 03:40:09 PM »

Ang kyut ng kuting ko.

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« Reply #695 on: January 16, 2009, 09:38:35 AM »

sheena sana dito

heart and chris tiu Roll Eyes Wink
sheena and jc tiuseco Cheesy
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« Reply #696 on: January 16, 2009, 10:10:59 AM »

gusto kong gumanap as jessie yung nakasama ni judai sa kulam...yung kapatid ni dennis trillo....
bagay na bagay kasi sa kanya...
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« Reply #697 on: February 03, 2009, 11:19:57 AM »

disheartening to me...

it was stated in an article today titled best bet for 2009 na si heart daw ang gaganap sa full house. i was really hoping the project would reunite richard and marian after their huge and unexpected success in BFGF. Now that PEP reported full house would feature heart, I'm not really so sure I would be up and giddy. I honestly think heart needs more comedic timing. she's good in drama but there are comedy scenes that she acted out that to me are a bit awkward and not timing. i really do hope GMA reconsiders this latest development.

GMA c'mmon...don't let full house be a mild hit. Huh

gusto ko si Heart pero ayoko ng role para sa kanya, sana iba na lang....

nag pa audition ba sila para sa role?  sana naman para mabigyan ng chance ang ibang kapuso leading ladies...

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« Reply #698 on: February 08, 2009, 12:05:00 AM »

Sa tatlong nasa poll si HEART ANG DI BAGAY SA ROLE. 
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« Reply #699 on: February 19, 2009, 12:50:43 AM »

greenviolet... bket lilipat ba c ms. angelica sa gma?Huh?!?!?!?Huh?

pero ang alam ko c marian na bilang jesse.... ksi nabasa ko sa wikipedia.... e2 ung link... click nyo..

series" target="_blank"> series)
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« Reply #700 on: February 19, 2009, 07:59:38 PM »

angelica panganiban and dingdong dantes as jessie hann and justine

angelica panganiban and dingdong dantes as jessie hann and justine
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« Reply #701 on: February 20, 2009, 07:12:39 PM »

Mellicent- Majorette- With Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban- @ WOWOWEE

Papa( Papi) Piolo Pascual sa Wowowee- Mangarap ka

manila 2 - indie film (piolo pascual and angelica panganiban)

Laging Ikaw by Myrus featuring Angelica Panganiban

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« Reply #702 on: March 06, 2009, 09:34:04 AM »

hearts fits the role of jessie han sa Full House Remake...
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<AnGeLiX>Ms. ANGELICA PANGANIBAN:"The True Meaning of a Versatile Actress" *<Part 20>
Welcome To <AnGeLiX>Ms. ANGELICA PANGANIBAN:"The True Meaning of a Versatile Actress" *<Part 20>

1. angel_to - Angelica [eastwood, pinas]
2. Angel_Cutie - Suey [los angeles, ca]
3. fake.killer - Monica
4. Jamo - [manila, pinas]
5. gel_lyn - Lyn [pinas]
6. debone_me - risse [manila, pinas]
7. anime_mania - february
8. pixie_princess - nadine [bohol, philippines]
9. holy angel - angeli
10. Loren_007- Loren =) [england, UK]
11. sassymom - Tita V [california]
12. Trix - Tricia [pinas]
13. Vio@Angel.BSN - Violet [pinas]
14. mahalko - Ate Bev [hawaii]
15. rockwell_girl - Innah [makati city]
16. jeighn- jane [quezon city]
17. angelica4lyf - love2x [iligan city]
18. lynnjojo/jojolynn - alynn (malaysia)
19. shy_girl331 - dhelcee (guam)
20. angelicafever- marshell(laguna)
21. marywille - Princess (Cebu, Philippines)
22. ariannejoy_121 4 - arianne (Pasig)
23. jelai4ever - lucky ( UK )
24. muse_elf - jacky (dumaguete)
25. angelicaphilia - berna (iloilo)
26. christianjade - (pasig)
27. kevin RN - kevin (QC)
28. lady_rhona - rona (QC)
29. shainaguapa - faith
30. dirrty_gino - chase (alabang)
31. pamelaa - (england)
32. gel_fly - lance (UK)
33. laece
34. jemary
35. nivadama
36. Cece - California [USA]
37. mukgu4ever - (California)
38. fr3nchp3ach - (California)
39. maii♥- laguna
40. Jhie_cruz- (valenzuela) 09192023411 txt me
41. soccermom2008 - June (california)
42. cutie
43. nicole_ch - Marisol
44. gen_87-genvieve (Italy)
45. jajai
46. bing04 - (bulacan)
47. summeroflove- hanna (Davao)
48.ncm101- Stephanie (Pampanga)

& feel free to post & add your name here

Angelica Panganiban on boyfriend Derek Ramsay: “He’s almost perfect and he treats me like a princess.”

"We have a relationship. We enjoy each other's company.” said Derek Ramsey about his new girlfriend Angelica Panganiban.


by Napoleon Quintos
ABS-CBN News Online
Scarlet (Angelica Panganiban) continues to remain strong despite the problems in her marriage. She would attend to her husband Miguel (Diether Ocampo) everytime he would come home stressed because of work, and she would keep her children away during tense moments. She deals with the pain of neglect brought about by her husband’s unresolved issues of the past.

Scarlet was born into a rich family, but in spite growing up having the power to get everything she wants, she will always long to own Miguel’s heart. Unknown to her, Isadora forced Miguel to marry her only for the money. Scarlet tried her best to satisfy her husband as they settled down in the U.S., but Miguel’s mind wandered far back home.
The years of submit and silence will reach its limit when her father Martin (Bembol Roco) brings home his new wife who turns out to be Catherine (Claudine Barreto), the old flame of Miguel. Scarlet will step up to protect her father from a scheming and opportunistic woman. Her struggle will further become complicated as she discovers that her husband and her new stepmother still have passionate feelings for each other. How far will Scarlet go to drive Catherine out of her life?


Go to hell! Go to hell!

Backdoor, backstabbing, backbiting….dyan ka naman magaling.

Social climber ka talaga. Pauwi na lang, nakuha mo pang mag-change costume. You look a bit overdressed para sa uuwian mong squatters area.

You look like a dirty ***** who’s just about to do her job…

(After all), blood is always thicker… than canal water.

Every inmate has a *****. Then you will be mine.

You’re just a gold-digger in red. Damn you!

Ako pa talaga ang pinalayas mo. Kahit saan tayo makarating, sampid ka lang at ako ang tunay na dela Rhea

Next level na. Agawan ng mapapangasawa.

You look like a ***** who is about to do her job.

Angelica's First ever FANTASY ACTION SERIES!
Passion & Love. Member of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. The master of Aria (Wu Shu). Love is her motivation for fighting…for the kingdom, and love for Juris. Unknown to her, she is also the object of affection of Creon. Her medallion's element is Wind/Air.
In the closing episode of the series, Aura and Juris marry and have a child.

Vietnam Rose follows the journey of Nguyen Dang Thien Yeu, a Vietnamese woman, who embraces life in a foreign land to forget the memory of her tragic past.

Yeu, resembling the plight of thousands of Vietnamese in the turbulent years of the War, was pushed out of her beloved nation. As her father, a Vietcong, fights out the invading forces, she discovers that her mother has betrayed them by having an affair with a Filipino soldier. Later on, this illicit affair comes back to haunt Yeu’s family, as her father is accidentally killed by the Filipino soldier. In the succeeding moments, Yeu is washed away to a foreign land – the Philippines – where she starts and builds a new life as a Filipino with a Vietnamese heart.

Years pass and little Yeu has grown into Carina Mojica Dela Cerna, a successful businesswoman who is married to man who belongs to one of the most powerful families in the Philippines. Seemingly living a perfect life, Carina has learned to adapt to Philippine ways, but continues to pay respects to her cultural background as a Vietnamese. All the while she also successfully hides a dark secret to her past. That is, until one mysterious night, when an image of her dying mother appears to her and begs her to come home to Vietnam.

Carina is now being haunted by the past and thus realizes that her present unhappiness stems from her not being able to confront her past. She goes back to Vietnam to face her mother and settle things once and for all. However, as she arrives in Vietnam in an effort to move on, a complication confronts her. Carina meets her half-sister, Doan Dang Thien Tin, a smart young Vietnamese who has grown up in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. Living a hard life with her mother, Tin has grown resentful of the sister who has abandoned them and was the source of her mother’s heart break.

The two sisters are now forced to be together, bound by their sense of duty and a promise they had made to their dying mother to take care and love each other. Now is the start of an overly complicated relationship of love, hate, revenge and the attainment of ultimate happiness as Yeu, in her journey through life with her sister, learns that only through coming to terms with the past will she realize where her heart, caught between two worlds and two loves, truly lies.

Angelica’s First ever Mature Role

Malen is the only daughter of Chayong, a prayer woman in Quiapo who complements her trade with selling rosaries and scapulars. Stubborn and willful, Malen listens to nobody and does what she wants, even if it is against her mother's wishes. No wonder she becomes easily involved with Mike, a charming and wily tourist driver, who is very much like her. Fr. Tony is a troubled priest who seeks sanctuary in Quiapo. Assigned to a room below the place where Malen and Chayong live, he is witness to Malen's flagrant disobedience. He knows Chayong's grief when Malen leaves her to go away with Mike. It doesn't take long for Chayong to grow weak and eventually die of heartbreak. But Malen comes back, and when she does, she has no choice but to take over her mother's job as a prayer woman. She has to survive! So despite the negative comments of other prayer women, Malen stays at the church and accepts prayer requests from desperate souls in exchange for donations. Surprisingly, her prayers get answered even if she does not mean them. Malen can't understand why, but her clientele keeps growing. She is earning good money, so why should she care? As for Mike, he continues to be the hustler that he is. Besides being the personal driver of Mrs. Hoffman, he is also fooling around with her. When Mrs. Hoffman refuses to pay him for his additional services, he flies into a rage. A traffic accident leads him to shoot a man. He seeks refuge in Malen. But after a while, he leaves her again. He goes to the province to visit his young son, who is terminally ill. Malen too falls ill. But three days after her ordeal, she wakes up to find that her customers whose prayers were answered have come to her house to thank her. News about her power as a prayer woman has spread. Malen struggles with her newfound power. She can now heal people, and even the devout and hardworking nun, Sister Dolor, is convinced. She had been able to heal an old, festering wound on the nun's foot. Malen talks to the alcoholic priest who lives downstairs and seeks his advice. The experience transforms her. And him. She is able to forgive herself for her sins, especially those against her mother. But now comes her biggest test. Mike's son has died and he brings him to her. For the first time in her career as a prayer woman, she finds herself praying and trusting with all her heart. Can she bring him back to life? Will God grant her this prayer? Does she or does she not have the gift?

“ Although the lesson that you get from the story is vital enough for your life, the film itself is not a vital move in revolutionizin g the state of the Philippine cinema. They must consider for the fact that the storyline is somewhat familiar and this can be taken against the film if there is not much creativity in the screenplay. ”
- Gercs from IMDb

“ Maganda, malalim at malaman ang istorya ng Santa Santita. Pagbukas pa lamang ng pelikula ay maaakit ka na at aasa na hindi masasayang ang mahigit isang oras mong iuupo sa loob ng sinehan.Tapat ang pagganap ng mga pangunahing artista, lalo na ni Rosales na marubdob ang pag-arte, at ni Panganiban na mahirap ang ginampanan bilang isang baguhan. Ipinakikita din ng script na wasto ang pangunawa at pagsasalahad ng direktor (Laurice Guillen) sa relihiyong Katoliko. Nabihag din ng sinematograpiy a ang kaluluwa ng Quiapo, ang lugar ng matinding debosyon ng Pilipino. ”
- Catholic Initiative for Enlightened Movie Appreciation
Last edited by bing04 : Dec 22, 2008 at 05:48 PM.

Angelica's Box Office Movie
Luna’s Best Supporting Actress
15 Top-Grossing Pinoy Films of All Time
(As of October 2008)

(Star Cinema, 2006) P186.41 million

(Star Cinema/Viva Films, 2008) P179.23 million

(Star Cinema, 2003) P177.82 million

(Star Cinema, 2007) P165.99 million

(Star Cinema, 2006) P162.37million

(Star Cinema, 2000) P159.31million

(Star Cinema, 2007) P152.79 million

(Star Cinema, 2008) 140 million

(Star Cinema, 2007) P139.61 million

(Star Cinema, 2008) P132.76 million

(Star Cinema, 2006) P129.06 million

(OctoArts, 2006) P128 million

(Star Cinema,2007) P122.90 million

(Star Cinema) P113.73 million

(Star Cinema, 1994) P104 million
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Angelix Multiply Fan Site
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Don't forget to text "MYX VOTE LAGING IKAW" and send it to 2366, so that Angel's music video with Myrus would constantly be played on MYX. Each cell # could vote 10 times a day max. The lyrics of the song, along with the official FERN SLIM music video is now uploaded on Collectively, we could make a huge dent by showing our love and support for ANGEL. Thank you, Angelix!
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2009 Angelica's Tv Series

Rubí is a beautiful, young woman from a working-class background. She is studying at a university because of her sister's great efforts. Rubí is best friends with Maribel, a wealthy young woman with a small defect in her leg, which prevents her from having a normal social life. Rubí eventually meets Maribel's boyfriend Héctor and his best friend Alejandro. A much darker truth lies inside of Rubí. She is driven by a dark ambition that will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and what she wants is to escape from poverty and be wealthy.

Alejandro offers her true love but no luxuries due to his middle class. She rejects him despite the fact that she believes he is her true love. Rubí then seduces Héctor, because like Maribel he is very wealthy, and on the day of his wedding to Maribel, they run away leaving Maribel in the deepest and darkest hour of her life. Rubí finally has the lifestyle and money that she's always dreamed of, but she soon learns that money isn't everything.

She begins to miss Alejandro and decides to get him back at any cost even when Maribel and Alejandro have moved on, and even begin dating each other. Rubí will do anything to get what she wants, even if it's at the expense of others and even if it means hurting everyone in her path. At one point Rubí considers changing, but returns to being the bad girl. Even after a fortune teller tells her to change or she will be punished for her sins, Rubí doesn't give this much thought and goes on with her life. Alejandro soon is torn between Rubí and Maribel; he & Rubí even made love once where Rubí became pregnant. However, Rubí soon lost the baby due to her saving her niece Fernanda, the daughter of his sister Christina from a being hit by a car. Rubí tells Alejandro that she lost the baby but by fault of Héctor.

During her attempt to get Alejandro back, Héctor eventually finds out everything about Rubí & that the baby wasn't his. As he tries to expose Rubí, he is accidentally killed in a car crash. In his will testament, he leaves everything to Rubí, much to the dismay of his family since he didn't consider changing his will as soon as he can. Eventually Alejandro find outs the truth of how she lost the baby.

Finally Alejandro pays her a visit one more time to tell her that its over. Its finished and that he has chosen Maribel. After all her schemes, lies, and backstabbing Rubí begs him to not go. At this point she sheds her dignity and any pride that she has left. She gets on her knees and wraps her hands around his leg and begs him to not go. He's her true love and she refuses to let him go. Alejandro is sick and tired of her evil ways. He leaves and walks down the stairs. As Rubí follows him, she screams that she will never let him go while holding on to a balcony rail but then slips and falls several stories. At the hospital they have to amputate her leg to save her life.

Rubí doesn't die and even at her most desperate point she doesn't repent. Her sister Christina tries to encourage her and tells her that she can lead a new life, just differently. Everything Rubí had is gone. The corporation stocks that he left her with are gone, as well as any money that Héctor left her. She is completely behind on her rent and she is hated in her community. The accident even scarred her face & her beauty is gone. She cannot afford plastic surgery.

Rubí even alienates her best friend Loreto, who has always been by her side and stood by her, even towards the end when he discovered how evil she really was. She asks the fortune teller to visit her one more time, and he tells her that it's the result of all her actions, and this is her punishment. She has a hard time accepting the truth. She wants to be like she was before, beautiful and alluring, but everything she ever had is gone. She doesn't repent and is without shame, and she tries to make a desperate attempt to kill Alejandro at his wedding to Maribel, but she can't. He's her true love and she will always love him. She tries to aim for Maribel but Christina moves in the way as she is Maribel's maid of honor.

Eventually she sees her niece Fernanda then Rubí starts to advise Fernanda (then a child about 4 years old) on how she can destroy men and get what she wants through using her beauty & help Fernanda get what she wants. After some years Fernanda grows up, with a striking resemblance to Rubí, and when she's at the university, she meets a boy who has a store. Fernanda introduces herself as Rubí and the boy seemingly falls in love with her. Later she visits her aunt Rubí, who tells Fernanda that Alejandro has returned & how can she get Alejandro and his son to both fall in love with Fernanda & drive them both to hate each other. Some hours later Fernanda goes to the hospital and sees Alejandro. Alejandro, thinking she is Rubí, is shocked to see her. She then greets him, winks at the camera, closes the door, & then starts to kiss; "fin...?"

The alternate ending is that Fernanda, saying she's Rubí, gets Alejandro and his son to fall in love with her so she can get revenge for her aunt.

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