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Author Topic: Judy Ann Santos-The Young Superstar  (Read 1001043 times)
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Congrats kay Judai!
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Head to Foot, Inside-Out
The Philippine Star 12/10/2006

 And they said that they didn’t match!

Judy Ann "Juday" Santos, 28, and Ryan Agoncillo, 27, have proven the cynics wrong by still being together for, as he puts it, "over a year but not more than two years."

Their romance blossomed on the set of their fantaserye starrer on ABS-CBN, Krystala, where Juday played a flying woman and Ryan, one of her love interests.

Asked when their anniversary is, Juday blushes, "None!" 

Ryan says the same. "Now yhat you’re asking...No, we don’t have any anniversary. We don’t even remember when we stopped just being friends and started being boyfriend-girlfriend."

Their romance has survived its first critical stage when people suspected that Ryan, admittedly a "smaller" star compared to Juday, was just "using" Juday to jumpstart his career that suffered a little hitch. Through time, Ryan has amply proven that he could stand on his own, starring in (digital) films with other leading ladies (such as Precious Lara Quigaman in Umuulan, Umaaraw, produced by Herbert Bautista and his siblings, etc.) and firming up his reputation as a TV host via the ABC 5 TV talent search Philippine Idol. (Now you know why Juday is often seen watching the show "live" at SM Megamall Cinema 10; tonight, she would probably be at the Araneta Coliseum for the search’s grand finals, cheering Ryan, and not so much the contestants, right on!)

The lovers are starring in their first movie together, Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, directed by Joey Javier Reyes for the 2006 Metro Filmfest. Because the lovers put so much of their heart and soul into their roles (somewhat "inspired" by real life), Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo turned out to be an interesting movie predicted to rake in not just the money but the awards as well. (See for yourself.)

To find out how well they know each other, from head to foot, inside-out, Conversations put Juday and Ryan to a "compatibility" test in separate interviews. Here’s how the fare:

What’s Juday’s favorite food and what’s yours?

Ryan: You have to qualify the question. When she cooks, her favorite is Japanese fried rice. When she eats at my place, her favorite is chicken wings. Generally, her favorite is Japanese food which is also my favorite.

Juday: Japanese and Chinese food. And chicken wings. His favorite is Japanese fried rice; basta toppings, favorite niya.

What’s your favorite pastime?

Ryan: We hang out with friends a lot. Either we cook or we play video games. Or we watch movies.

Juday: Watching movies or biking. Or we just stay home and play video games.

View on love?

Ryan: Love shouldn’t be hard work. You work at it pero hindi dapat todo naghihirap ka.

Juday: Love? When you’re in love, masaya ka, lahat ng tingnan mo maganda, lahat ng bagay positive even if you have problems.

Favorite city?

Ryan: Either San Francisco or Los Angeles. San Francisco is very cosmopolitan yet very bohemian, not too stiff. That’s why I love the city.

Juday: San Francisco. It’s a very romantic city. New York is too noisy for us. If ever we settle abroad, it has to be in San Francisco.

View on sex. Should it be enjoyed before or only during marriage?

Ryan: For a man, it all boils down to his respect for a woman. As a gentleman, I really don’t want to be talking about it.

Juday: If two people have to do it, they both have to be responsible for the consequences. If you’re not ready, better not do it.

The last time you said "I love you!" to Juday.

Ryan: We say "I love you!" to each other a lot. The last time was this morning (Dec. 7) on the way to this interview.

Juday: Last night (Dec. 6). We say "I love you!" to each other all the time.

View on marriage.

Ryan: We shouldn’t rush into it. You should do it with the right partner. Marriage is just the highlight of a relationship, not the be-all and end-all of it.

Juday: Uy, it’s a very serious commitment. You have to be responsible before you get married. It’s a serious commitment, not just like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

Have you and Juday discussed marriage?

Ryan: No.

Juday: Well, we talk about it but only in passing.

Is it true that you’re thinking of getting married on Valentine’s Day next year?

Ryan: Not true.

Juday: We haven’t set a date.

Is Juday the right partner for you?

Ryan: Well, all I can say is that I won’t and I don’t stay in a relationship just to fool around. At this point, I’d say yes. It’s great being with her. I love her and her family.

How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had before Juday/Ryan?

Ryan: Serious ones? I think...three.

Juday: Just one – si Wowie (de Guzman). Ryan came into my life when I stopped searching and I started praying; dumating siya nang hindi ko hinahanap. I was praying for someone who could handle me, who could get along with my family and my friends...and especially, someone who could get along with Tito Alfie (Lorenzo, manager). Importante ‘yon. Parang all-in-one package. Nasa kanya lahat ng hinahanap ko. Answered prayer.

What do you and Juday/Ryan usually quarrel about?

Ryan: It’s more about...what nga ba? Yes, her being indecisive. I kinda don’t like it. When I have a problem, I want to solve it right away; once solved, I take the problem away from my mind. No, I don’t meddle in her problems, not unless she asks for my opinion. Her diskarte in solving problems is different from mine.

Juday: ‘Yung pabago-bago ang isip ko. When we have to watch a movie, it’s only to watch a movie without, which I often do, stopping by para mag-grocery. He would tell me, "If you want to go to the grocery, you go to the grocery only; if you want to go to the movies, you go to the movies only. Don’t make any last-minute decision along the way."

Who’s the seloso/selosa between the two of you?

Ryan: Let me put it this way...We have different ways of showing jealousy. (Reminded of the "threatening public statement he issued against Piolo Pascual, Ryan said, "It’s part of being jealous." – RFL) When I’m jealous, I say it. When she’s jealous, she doesn’t say it herself but she lets it be known through somebody.

Juday: Siya daw! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

When was the last time you had a fight – and why?

Ryan (thinking hard): It’s been a long time. Wait, that was last time. It wasn’t a fight, just an argument. Over what? I’d rather not talk about it. It was nothing serious. We never had any terrible fight.

Juday: A week ago. My fault. It had something to do with my pabago-bago ng isip.

Did you ever have a fight that threatened your relationship?

Ryan: None.

Juday (knocking on wood): None, so far.

What do you like about each other?

Ryan: I love her for being what she is after what she has gone through. She’s still a girl, you know. Babae pa rin siya. Yung mga pinagdaanan niya could bring out the best and the worst in a person and I’m convinced that she survived it all very beautifully.

Juday: His being sweet and responsible. Malambing. He’s not embarrassed to show his malambing side. Maalaga. Very maalaga! His concern for my family and his being supportive in everything that I do.

And what don’t you like about each other?

Ryan: I think what she doesn’t like about me is my moods. I think she’s having a hard time adjusting to my moods. What I don’t like about her is her being, as I’ve said, indecisive.

Juday: Kapag masama ang gising niya, lahat ng tao sa paligid niya nadadamay. But it doesn’t affect his work. Hangga’t hindi siya nakakakain ng masarap, hindi mawawala ang sumpong niya.

View on family.

Ryan: She’s family-based and family-oriented and so am I. I have one sibling who’s older than I. Juday has two. We both want a small family. She’s comfortable with and well-loved by my family and so is she with and by my family.

Juday: I’ve always been close to my family and so is he. Our families have blended into each other very well. I consider my family my treasure and he feels the same way about his family.

How many children do you want to have?

Ryan: If I have a choice, only two. I think she wants three.

Juday: I want three. But he wants only two. Well, he wants two and I want three, so three plus two equals five!

Any idiosyncracy?

Ryan: When Juday is hungry, she won’t serve me. Otherwise, she would. When she eats something delicious, she shakes her butt. She does it all the time, even in a restaurant. Me, when I like a certain food, I eat it morning, noon and night for weeks on end.

Juday: When he’s hungry, mainit ang ulo niya. He’s more masungit when hungry than he is when he lacks sleep.

What makes you and her/him mad?

Ryan: Again, her being indecisive, even when it comes to mababaw things like what movie to watch. What makes her mad? She gets jealous over the silliest things. Like, if a girl looks at me or I look at her, Juday becomes protective. I could feel it.

Juday: I don’t get mad. Ever since we got together, hindi pa ako nagagalit. Him? Liars make him mad...when he learns about things from other people and not from you...when somebody doesn’t fulfill his promises.

Are you faithful?

Ryan: Very!

Juday: Of course!

What makes you and her/him sad?

Ryan: When something goes wrong with her family. She worries about her mother, about her brother (Jeffrey), about her sister. What makes me sad? Little things. Like last week, I saw a special child and, although he looked happy, I felt a little sad.

Juday: When we have our little fights.

What’s your outlook in life? Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Ryan: An optimist who’s a worrier. What do I worry about? When things don’t turn out right. I believe in Murphy’s Law. You know, what will happen, will happen, and you can’t do anything about it.

Juday: An optimist. I worry a bit and then I try to look at the brighter side of life.

What makes you and her/him happy?

Ryan: Small things. Pareho kaming mababaw ang kaligayahan. A good movie makes us very happy.

Juday: Sobrang mababaw ang kaligayahan ko. Makapagluto lang ako, masaya na ako, okey na ako.

What was the last movie that you saw together?

Ryan: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make-Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Juday: Borat.

What’s your theme song?

Ryan: None in particular. But we love Jack Jones’ songs, especially Better Together.

Juday: We like songs by Jack Jones. Also, songs by Norah Jones.

Memorable gifts to each other.

Ryan: We’d rather not talk about it. We have some kind of a running competition. It’s not how much the gift costs but how meaningful it is.

Juday: This (Irish) watch (the one she’s wearing; identical with the one Ryan is wearing). And a set of (four) knives which I use for cooking.

How often do you kiss each other?

Ryan: Very often?

Juday: When we get the chance. ‘Yung mga smack-smack lang. Thank you, I love you. Ganoon.

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Judy Ann and Ryan: No to pre–nuptial

They have an ongoing relationship, a beautiful one at that and which many expect will culminate at the altar someday. And right now, lovebirds Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo may have some plans already about getting married.

If ever, will they consider executing a pre-nuptial agreement?

"The thought has crossed our minds; we’ve talked about it pero hindi namin alam kung anong dating nito. Sa iba kasi parang you don’t trust each other that much kapag may pre-nuptial agreement. Basta may usapan kami about what we have, like what’s mine is mine, and what’s his is his," Judy Ann shared.

On his part, Ryan said he doesn’t believe in a pre-nuptial agreement. "We’re not that kind who’ll resort to that. If we do, we don’t really love or like each other enough. I mean, don’t get married na lang."

But let’s talk about their reel-life relationship first.

Their muchawaited teamup, "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo tackles the life of Angie (Judy Ann) and Jed (Ryan) as a newlywed – their adjustments as a couple, their fights, and marital issues, etcetera. What’s interesting to note though is that according to Judy Ann and Ryan, their reel-life characters are not them in their true relationship.

Ryan described that unlike him Jed is spineless and is easily pushed by his wife’s family. While Judy Ann, as Angie, is always stressed out, is a loud-mouth and doesn’t know how to have fun.

In fact, during and after the filming "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo," they never felt they are married nor did they see even just a little semblance of what they could be as a married couple. Despite their characters’ marital problems, Ryan pointed out that the movie didn’t scare them about marriage. "We were laughing all throughout (the filming)," he said.

So before one confuses the reel characters of Judy Ann and Ryan to the real showbiz sweethearts, here are a number of interesting things you’d like to know more about them.

First is that every Christmas they would compete as to who gets the best gift. And the winner makes the recipient’s eyes wide open in surprise; he/she is dumb-founded even by the giver’s thoughtfulness and creativeness.

"Without going into particulars, we have a running competition for gifts," revealed Ryan. "It could have been easier if she’s into brand names or expensive stuffs kasi you just go for the most expensive thing you could afford and that’s it. But with us, it’s all about over-all impact!"

Another is that when they get hitched, the boss according to Judy Ann will be Ryan, while Ryan points to her as the boss.

"Malamang siya…minsan pinag-usapan namin ang tungkol sa credit cards. Sabi niya isang credit card lang ang kailangan namin at siya ang magtatago," laughed Judy Ann. "Actually ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng credit card para sa mga trips abroad. Pero pang emergency lang ito."

If ever, Judy Ann wouldn’t mind Ryan really controlling her credit card usage because she admits to being one who sometimes splurge on luxury items. She would go on impulse buying whenever she feels deprived and is tired from work. You won’t find though a closet with her LV collections or whatever; rather Judy Ann, following her mother’s advice, often invest on jewelries.

As for Ryan, he always wants his girlfriend to have a mind of her own. He doesn’t always like being the one to decide on things like what movies to watch, where to go or even where to eat. He’d like her to always to tell him what she wants too.

Another thing to know about them is that they are not secretly married contrary to insistent rumors and speculations from the media. To Ryan’s surprise, this question has always been asked by close family members and friends on various occasions. The question according to him is always brought out in the open whenever people see their friendship rings.

"If we’re getting married, our family will be the first ones to know," said Ryan. He also implied that a wedding next year is not yet in the works. Maybe one of the reasons is that he plans to build his own house next year because when they get married he would like to live in their own house right away.

Judy Ann would like to have a private and solemn wedding. She doesn’t want the added pressure of media coverage during their wedding day. One she would have to give-up though would be her childhood dream wedding of having an enchanted theme with a horse-driven carriage and with her clad as a princess. She’d like to have a practical wedding and the honeymoon she has in mind would be in Europe or in the Caribbean.

As a couple, whenever they have fights, Judy Ann would always realize that Ryan needs space too. She admitted that during their first few fights at the beginning of their relationship, she would push him to have a discourse to settle things. This is because she always wanted their quarrels resolved before she goes to sleep.

"I now give him enough space … actually when it comes to this, we always talk. We don’t meddle in our respective works, and businesses," she bared.

Though Judy Ann wasn’t transformed into a Netsurfing junkie by Ryan who frequents Internet Cafés, he believes he has changed to a better person especially with regards to his work.

"Sa trabaho, I’m a lot more caring now to the people I work with. Tanong ko dati sa mga superstars, lagi bang ganun sila kasi superstar sila or superstar sila dahil mabait sila when I got to observe the way they work. Then I realized the way to get results is to be more focused on your goal, be nicer and be gentler," he intimated.

And what could be the integral ingredient of their relationship?

"It’s honesty," replied Judy Ann.

"Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" is Star Cinema’s official entry to the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival. It is directed by Jose Javier Reyes.
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ni Jimi Escala - Tumbok

Speaking of Mommy Carol, sobrang tuwang-tuwa raw siya ngayon dahil sa wakas ay may matatanggap na diploma ang anak niyang si Judy Ann Santos. Graduating this coming Dec. 13 sa kursong Culinary Arts si Juday.

Inspite sa bising-bisi niyang schedules ay nagawang maisingit ng sikat na young actress ang pag-aaral. Siyempre, present si Mommy Carol sa graduation ng anak niya at tiyak daw na andun din ang boyfriend ni Juday na si Ryan Agoncillo.

Sey pa ni Mommy Carol, kung tuluyang maging asawa ni Juday si Ryan ay ikakatuwa rin daw niya dahil sa totoo lang, magkasundung-magkasundo raw ang pamilya nila sa pamilya ni Ryan, bukod sa talagang perfect husband for Juday ang tawag ngayon ni Mommy Carol kay Ryan.

Incidentally, this early ay marami ang nagsasabing pasok sa top three sa box office and pelikulang Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo ng Star Cinema directed by Direk Jose Javier Reyes and with Judy Ann and Ryan ay sina Gina Pareno, Derek Ramsey, Gloria Diaz, Ariel Ureta at marami pang iba.
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Judy Ann, Ryan keep people guessing


‘When Ryan takes the showbiz princess as bride, expect no fanfare
because they want their wedding to be simple, with family and close friends as guests. When it will be is anybody’s guess.’

As far as showbiz couples go, Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos are an exception. Sure, they are lovey dovey, but their sweetness is not for show nor is it irritating. They have eyes only for each other but they do not necessarily exclude the people around them from this general feeling of warmth. In short, they are not faking it. In a sense, Ryan and Judy Ann have an un-showbiz love affair.

This was very evident during the pair’s recent meeting with the press, where the couple gamely answered questions about cooking, future plans and how it is to act as lovers on the big screen in Star Cinema’s entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo."

The big news is Judy Ann’s finishing culinary arts with honors at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies this Dec. 13. The young superstar diligently finished her four-month course without absences and will most likely graduate on top of the class. Ryan is naturally proud. The supportive boyfriend admits that he taste tests all that Judy Ann prepares and, judging by his earnest look, everything that he samples is superb.

"Nag usap kami ng matagal because she really wanted to study. I helped narrow down her choices: professional make up then later on go into prosthetics or culinary arts," he shares.

Judy Ann reveals that she had to master every aspect of cooking, from the buying and preparing of ingredients, cutting, slicing and dicing, to the plating of the dish, even up to the cleaning and washing of the utensils. She cut her hand twice while preparing food. She has the scars to prove it.

Aside from cooking, the couple is excited about their new movie. They say the atmosphere while shooting the movie was very light, and Judy Ann cooking on the set was a sure boost.

"Kahit mag take 2 or 3, natatawa pa rin kami. It’s a funny movie more than anything. The jokes were not pilit. The funny things come from the situation. Kung nangyari sa tototong buhay yung mga nangyari sa movie, you’ll be laughing hysterically," says Ryan.

But it is their "fight" scenes, which are more hilarious than dramatic, that they consider as memorable. They say that in real life, they rarely quarrel. And they definitely don’t fight like cats and dogs.

"Kapag may issues kami, di kami ganun mag away," says Judy Ann. "Ako di makatulog pag may isyu. Kailangan talagang maaayos muna ang utak ko.

"We’re quiet when we have disagreements. We just talk, pero yung talkies nay un ako minsan nagugulat. Nag-i-ingles ako. And I tell myself, siguro matagal na kami magkasama."

They also don’t see themselves facing the same problems as their characters, whose folks are at each other’s throats.

"Problema nila yung parents, pero sa amin may interaction na sila," says Ryan.

A relative newbie, Ryan gets a lot of support not just from his loving partner but from the director. He and Judy Ann chorus that they had a grand time making the film with director Joey Javier Reyes, who often traded barbs with the actor.

"Our humor is pretty much the same: sarcastic," says Ryan. "And he takes it as well as he gives."

Now that they have played house on the big screen, it is inevitable for the people to ask when they will do it in real life. Ryan and Judy Ann welcome their family and friends’ excitement and stranger’s good-natured questions about their future plans.

For Ryan, having Judy Ann as partner will be like winning the lottery. "Jackpot," says he.

"Maalaga siya. She’s very nurturing. I think yun yung hanap ko sa babae," he describes.

"She’s very successful but she finds time to be caring to her friends, to her family… that says a lot about what type of a wife she will be."

For Judy Ann, Ryan is an unexpected blessing.

"After the end of any project, I ask myself, bakit ganito ang nangyayari sa akin. Ay tapos na nga pala ang project so — bye!" she relates, "Dumating sa point na di na ako nag-e-expect sa mga nakakatrabaho ko. Naglagay ako ng wall. At that time too nagka-trauma na ako magka-bf at asawa kasi sa mga naririnig ko sa mga friends.

"Tapos dumating ang ‘Krystala’ …," she demurely adds.

When Ryan takes the showbiz princess as bride, expect no fanfare because they want their wedding to be simple, with family and close friends as guests. When it will be is anybody’s guess.
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Congrats kay Judai graduation niya mamaya para sa kanyang culinary arts studies.
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judy ann is indeed a fabulous actress. she grew up in the business and all her hardwork is obviously giving her the edge over her contemporaries .  she is a class of her own, she is one actress that this industry should be proud of.  lucky in love, her relationship with ryan is a match made in heaven and perhaps a string of films featuring them as a couple is in the offing, something like the tita duran/pancho magalona movies which were heartwarming and exuded with love and devotion!  goodluck, judy ann!
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judy ann is indeed a fabulous actress. she grew up in the business and all her hardwork is obviously giving her the edge over her contemporaries .  she is a class of her own, she is one actress that this industry should be proud of.  lucky in love, her relationship with ryan is a match made in heaven and perhaps a string of films featuring them as a couple is in the offing, something like the tita duran/pancho magalona movies which were heartwarming and exuded with love and devotion!  goodluck, judy ann!

welcome sa JAS Thread  Grin thanks for the nice words for Miss Judy Ann Santos  Grin
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ang daming articles.salam at pep_talk kasi ang sipag mong magpost  Grin Kiss
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Congrats kay Judai graduation niya mamaya para sa kanyang culinary arts studies.

sana ipapakita sa news ano? nabasa ko sa PEX na may natanggap daw na medal si Juday
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Sobrang ang tagal kong hindi nakapost dito.

KKK malapit na malapit na.
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Everyone is invited to ‘Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo’

THE trailer of the movie alone is already being talked about. Those who have seen the preview are one in saying that "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo," first movie together of sweethearts Juday Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, directed by Joey Javier Reyes, will win both the audience’s heart and the award during the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

Direk Joey is at his best doing films like this, witty and humorous, sleek, never dull. He is a master when it comes to holding the audience’s attention from beginning to end because of his style of directing that makes every character, whether big or small, bubble with life. "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" calls to mind similar Joey Javier Reyes memorable works of this genre, such as the award-winning "May Minamahal" (starring Aga Muhlach and Aiko Melendez) and "Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin" (Diether Ocampo and Angelu de Leon).

Another plus factor is its being the first movie together of Juday and Ryan, whose romance has captured the imagination of the public since they admitted their true relationship early this year, spawning speculations tat they have set a date for their wedding.

"We talk about it but we haven’t really set a date," said Juday, who opened year 2006 with the Star Cinema blockbuster "Don’t Give Up on Us" (with Piolo Pascual). "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" is Judy’s only other starrer this year, calculated to close the year with an even bigger bang than the one created by "Don’t Give Up on."

"We assure everybody of a great time," said Ryan.

On the set, recalled Juday, "Ryan and I, and our co-stars, didn’t feel like we were working. Parang naglalaro lang kami."

Their co-stars agree.

Said Gloria Diaz, cast as Ryan’s mom, "You know what’s nice about Juday and Ryan? They laugh a lot; they are not afraid to laugh at themselves and at each other. They are a fun to watch together."

Said Derek Ramsey, "They are easy to work with. Napakagaan. They’re such feel-good people."

And that’s what’s in store for everyone – a feel-good experience they’ll never forget for a long time.

Everybody is "kasali" and "kasalo" in this "Kasal." No formal invitation necessary.
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She Got the Plum Jobs, the Diploma, and the Guy

By Chay Miranda
MOD Magazine

Life at the top can be very lonely, especially when you don't have that someone to share your success with. In the case of drama princess Judy Ann Santos, the right guy just didn't come in the past. Sure, her name had been linked to a lot of guys, but they just seemed so, um, showbiz for her already A-list status.

Today, Judy Ann has not only found someone to share the highs of her career, but also someone who could possibly be the one she'll spend the rest of her life with -- Ryan Agoncillo. Ryan, who supports her unconditionall y in all her endeavors, takes good care of her, has a very positive influence on her, balances her out, and best of all, makes her deliriously happy for the first time in her life. For that alone, this year really belongs to Juday Ann Santos.


Twenty years ago, a little girl with chubby cheeks was trying to find her place in the world of show business. Raw. Naive. Unadorned.

Who would have thought that this young child would one day turn out to be Judy Ann Santos? The Judy Ann Santos who made her mark as one of the country's finest and most celebrated actresses of her generation.

All Judy Ann packed with her in her growing years was innate talent, and a whole load of passion. She blossomed from a child star to a young dramatic actress. And like a true artist, she perfected the craft.

She was nicknamed Juday by the industry, and the name is closely followed by the tags Teleserye Princess, Youngest Show Biz Royalty, Princess of the Pinoy's Heart, and The Young Superstar, among others.

Between one teleserye after another, she has somehow managed to squeezed in 60 movies in her 20-year show biz career. She has indeed conquered the small and big screens, testified by countless acting awards from the most prestigious award-giving bodies in the country.


After all the success, there was only one thing more that Juday could ask for to make her truly happy. And this year, she finally found it in the arms of television host Ryan Agoncillo. "I waited so long before he came into my life. Aside from my family, walang nagpapasaya sa akin kundi si Ryan," says Judy Ann.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to note that the sparkle in Judy Ann's eyes screams out that she is happily and madly in love. It took some time before the couple declared their relationship official. As the romance unfolded right before the public eye, everything finally came out in the open.

"What we discovered is that hindi namin kayang tiisin ang isa't isa," says Judy Ann. "All we have to do is pag-usapan nang maayos whatever the problem is para ma-solve. Hindi ko kayang matapos ang araw na hindi kami okay."

Ryan and Judy Ann are an inseparable pair, often seen holding hands or exhanging affectionate looks. Two years into the relationship, it is inevitable that the subject of marriage comes up. And as everybody awaits the wedding announcement, all we have to settle are constant rumors of the couple getting secretly hitched.

Ryan and Judy Ann's first movie together, Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, Star Cinema's entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival, just adds fuel to the fire. The film is about a girl and the men in her life, with the plot revolving around marriage and family. Judy Ann's acting performance in the movie might just win her another Best Actress award.

"We do hope our audience will like our performance in the movie, especially our love scenes," giggles Judy Ann. "We both gave our all. I think the audience will come out of this movie thinking that we really did get married. It helped that we were not acting like we were in love. We really are in love."


Judy Ann admits that they do talk about marriage, but without any thorough plans yet. "Siguro we will settle down when we're financially and emotionally ready. That's the right time to get married. But as of now, hindi pa, eh."

When they do get married, Judy Ann says that she wants the ceremony to be very solemn and private, with only a short guest list of their closest family and friends. She also hopes and prays that the relationship will end happily ever after.

Both their careers are running smoothly, and they are not ready to give up their jobs just yet. But when the time comes, Judy Ann wouldn't think twice if she had to choose between career and family. She isn't one to compromise one over the other.

I would like to remain a plain housewife and mother 'pag ikinasal na ako," she pronounces. "Siguro kapag malalaki na ang mga bata, saka ko iisiping magbalik showbiz. That is, if Ryan would allow me."

Juday as a housewife? That's probably the reason why she enrolled at Cafe Ysabel's Center for Asian Culinary Studies. Her diploma, which she earned recently, would surely come in handy.

Ryan seems to have a positive effect on the actress. She is glowing more radiantly than ever, and no one could miss that this glow comes from a certain inner happiness. For her part, Judy Ann only has fond words to say about her beau.

"Ryan does a lot of things that people don't see," says Judy Ann. "Malambing siya. He's expressive about his love. He knows how to make you feel important. I learned how to make decisions for myself through him."

As Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo is just about to hit theaters, there are already reports that the two are being prepped for a sitcom on ABS-CBN February of next year. Their natural chemistry on and off screen is something Ryan-Juday fans cannot get enough of as they anticipate their next project together.

Judy Ann's acting prowess is unparalleled by her contemporaries . Her captivating mass appeal is disarming to her multitude of adoring fans. Yet her most endearing quality is her down-to-earth humility.

After all that she has accomplished, she remains to be the same little girls with chubby cheeks. The only difference is that she has finally found her place in show business.
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