Most Beautiful Woman in The Philippines [MERGED]

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mga top 10 list ko...
1.)sexiest woman of the world(GLOBAL)
2.)marian rivera
3.)katrina halili
4.)ehra madrigal
5.)angel locsin
6.)kc concepcion
7.)michelle madrigal
8.)anne curtis
9.)maja salvador
10.)cristine reyes


Dina Talusig:
kris bernal ol d way!!!!!
go kris!!!
go krispers!!!

Dina Talusig:
dpt nanjan dn c kris bernal!!!
go kris!!


Angel Locsín (born Angélica Locsín Colmenares) is a popular Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, and product endorser who was introduced in GMA Network's youth-oriented program, Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being cast as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after,she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several films and is known as the screen love interest of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo.When her contract expired last March 2007, Angel did not renew her contract to her mother studio, GMA Network and signed an exclusive contract in ABS-CBN despite her booming career in GMA. According to her its just a career move. She is now the lead star in the most awaited soap opera of ABS-CBN, Lobo where she paired to Piolo Pascual.Angel was recently awarded in Yes Magazine as the Most Beautiful Woman in the Philppines. She was also awarded in 38 Box Office Entertainment Awards as the Princess of Philippine Movies. Locsin is rumored to play the role Varga, the first Darna.

Angel Locsin:The Young Famous Superstar

Angel Locsin,The Young Superstar Top 100 Names
1.The Most Famous Young Actress
2.The Country's Most Expensive Celebrity
3.Philippines Most Admired Young Female TV Personality
4.The Most Beautiful Woman in the Philippines
5.The Number 1 Princess of ABS-CBN
6.The Princess of TV Commercials and Endorsements
7.The YouTube's Most Watched Celebrity
8.The Box Office Princess
9.The Queen of Soap Opera in the Philippines
10.The Queen of Fantasy Shows and Movies
11.The Queen of Primetime
12.The Most Watched Celebrity on TeleVision
13.The Most Popular Endorser in the Philippines
14.The Most Controvercial Celebrity of 2007
15.The Only Angel in Philippine TeleVision
16.The Philippines Hottest Sexiest Woman
17.The Philippines Hottest Heroin Acts on TeleVision
18.Every Company's Dream Endorser
19.Every TeleVision Networks Dream Talent
20.Every Film Studo's Dream Movie Star
21.The World's Sexiest White Wolf Satr on TeleVision
22.The Most Famous Bulacanian
23.The Most Famous Businesswoman Star
24.The Most Famous Philippine Fashion Designer Celebrity
25.The Philippines Simpliest Celebrity
26.The HUMMER Queen of the Philippines
27.The Most Brilliant Name on TeleVision
28.The Most Famous Name in the Philippines
29.The Most Popular Princess of ABS-CBN
30.The Most Popular Name on TeleVision
31.The Valentine Movie Princess
32.The Princesws of Film Studios in the Philippines
33.The Filipino's Source of Happiness
34.Shoopping Malls Source of Crowdness
35.The Princess of Entertainment
36.The Highest Paid Actress on TeleVision
37.The Most Expensive Actress in TV Guestings
38.The Princess of Wonderful Names of TV Shows
39.One of the Greatest Daughter on Earth
40.The Philippines Fishball Princess
41.The Source of High Ratings on TeleVision
42.The Best Woman Celebrity in the Philippines
43.The Filipino's Source of Huge Noise and Loud Voices
44.Every MMFF Parade's Most Admire Star
45.The Voice of an Angel
46.GMA Network's Most Popular Celebrity
47.The Most Watched Movie Star in Cinema
48.The Queen of Wonderful Primetime Shows
49.The Certified Lead Star of Very Beautiful Shows on TV
50.The Most Notable Endorser on TeleVision
51.The Philippines Most Known Celebrity
52.The Biggest Idol in the Philippines
53.The Only Star that Catched the Lead Role in Every Shows
54.The Young Princess of Philippine Cinema
55.The Princess of Wonderful Love Story Movie
56.Every Filipino's Idol
57.The Most Bankable Actress in the Philippines
58.Every Celebrity's Dream Friend
59.The Queen of Conversation Talks in the Philippines
60.The Hottest Female Action Star in the Philippines
61.The Sexiest Ever Roled Darna on TeleVision
62.The Most Famous Darna
63.The Humility Princess on TeleVision
64.The Philippines Welthiest Young Female Celebrity
65.The Princess of Picture Takings
66.The Princess of Scream in the Philippines
67.The only Star that Starstruck Most of People
68.The Most Famous Celebrity on Internet
69.The Hottest Endorser of Head and Shoulders
70.The Best Model and Endorser of Avon Products
71.The Most Notable Model of Axe
72.The Most Beautiful Endorser of Avon
73.The Philippines Most Effective Endorser
74.The Sexiest Endorser of Belo Medical Group
75.The Best Endorser of San Miguel Products
76.The Best TV Commercials Maker
77.The Sexiest Woman in FHM Magazine
78.The Most Beautiful Endorser of Eskinol
79.Every Poticians Dream Endorser
80.The Philippines Hottest Billboard Star
81.The Philippines Most Expensive Endorser
82.The Filipino's Dream to be a Hollywood Celebrity
83.The Most Known Smart Communication Endorser
84.The Most Beautiful Name in Showbiz
85.The Princess of Shampoo Commercials
86.The Queen of Billboard in the Philippines
87.Every Magazines Dream Covergirl
88.Every Man's Dream Girl Friend
89.Every Shows Dream Guest
90.Every Man's Hottest Crush
91.Every Talent Manager Dream Talents
92.The Greatest Crush of Filipino Man
93.Every Students Favorite Cover of Notebook
94.The Most Photogenic Actress in the Philippines
95.Every Actor's Dream Leading Lady
96.ABS-CBN Network Pridest Talent
97.Star Cinema's Number 1 Movie Actress
98.The Most Famous Leading Lady on TeleVision
99.The Most Talented Actress
100.The Philippines Most Promising Star

Angel Locsin Princess of TeleVision Commercials and Endorsements

Complete Lists of Endorsements,TVC's and Campaign Ads
1.Reyes Haircutters00
2.Posh Colognes02
6.Globe Telecom04
7.Johnson Johnson04
8.Fuji Film04
12.Rubittusin Liquid Gel05
13.Head and Shoulders05
14.Hapee Toothpaste05
15.Petit Monde05
16.Jag Skinny Jeans06
18.Belo Medical Group06
19.W.L Foods06
20.San Mig Coffe06
21.Lutos Ballpen06
22.Smart Buddy06
23.Pristone Netplay06
24.Avon Philippines06
25.Timex Watches07
26.Manny Villar07
27.Koko Pimentel07
28.Gabriela Partylist07
29.Centrum Multi-Vitamins07
30.Magnolia Health Tea07
31.Avon Glazewear Lipstick07
32Avon: Wish of Happiness07
33.Angel Active07
34.Revicon Forte07
35.Kapamilya KTEXT07
37.Mcdonalds Summer Colors of Love08
38.AB Spire Notebooks08
39.Avon Wish of Love08
40.New Era Head & Shoulders08
41.Myra-E Vitamins08
42.Myra-E Lotions08
43.E'Aji Snacks08
44.Guess Eyewear08
45.Met Tathione08
46.Cathy Valencia Skincare08
47.Hapee Toothpaste TVC08
48.Folded and Hung08

Angel Locsin Television Shows

2008 - Mars Ravelo's Varga (as Varga)
2008 - Maria Mercedes(as Maria Mercedes)
2008 - Lobo(as Lyka)
2007 - That's my Doc (as Sylvia)
2007 - Maalaala Mo Kaya:Pilat (as Melody)
2007 - John & Shirley (as Angel)
2007 - Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (Studio Player)
2007 - Asian Treasures (as Gabriella Agoncillo)
2006 - Majika (as Sabina)
2006 - Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain Reiko Higuchi (voice)
2005 - Initial D - Fourth Stage Kyoko Iwase (Voice)
2005 - Darna (as Darna/Narda)
2004 - Mulawin (as Alwina)
2004 - Love To Love (Season 3): Kissing Beauty (as Chara/Charina)
2004 - All Together Now (Marie)
2003 - Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw Pa Rin (as Mariella)
1999 - Click (as Charley)

Angel Locsin Awards and Nominations

2008 - 38th Box Office Awards (Princess of Philippine Movies)
2008 -Yes Magazine Survey (Most Beautiful Woman in the Philippines)
2007 - Most Search Personality in Google Philippines (Google)
2007 - Most Beautiful Pinay of 2007 Rank #1 (starmometer)
2007 - Anak TV Seal Awards(Country's Most Admired Female TV Personality)(Rank #5)
2007 - Philippines No.3 Endorser (tied with Piolo Pascual) Rank #3
2007 - FHM Philippines Rank #3
2007 - Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award Pinoy Wannabe (Texter's Choice)
2007 - ASAP's BEST MOVIE LOVETEAM choice award(Richard Gutierrez and Angel locsin)
2006 - Most Beautiful Pinay of 2006 Rank #1 (starmomter)
2006 - PASADO Awards Pinakapasadong Aktres (Best Actress) Nomination for TXT
2006 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di
2006 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #2
2005 - FAMAS Awards German Moreno Youth Award
2005 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mulawin The Movie
2005 - FAMAS Awards Miss FAMAS Popularity
2005 - Box Office Entertainment Awards Princess of Philippine Movies and TV
2005 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines (#1)
2004 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Sigaw
2004 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #6
2003 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #10

A-Angel Locsin is the Most Famous and the Country's Most
N-Notable celebrity in talking about kindness and love.She
G-Gives her best to retain the beautiful taste of Philippine
E-Entertainment .Infact We,Filipino People Genuinely
L-Love her so much and

L-Love her from deep of our Hearts and We Know that She
O-Overwhelmed to her through doing wonderful shows on TV
C-Caring and Happiness is one of her Purpose to us and Being
S-Solemn is the real She.We are very glad,touched and so
I-Impressed to her.She Truly inspired us and made us happy in a
N-Natural way.Truely proves that Angel Locsin is an Angel


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