Jun Lana's directorial debut Roxxxanne has the tag line, "What secrets do u hide in ur celfone?" This movie starring Sheree (middle), Janvier Daily (left), and Jay Aquitania (right) will premiere at the UP Film Institute on October 10. Photo: Courtesy of Jun Lana


With so many sex scandals proliferating the market today, do we even think about the consequences of these graphic videos?


Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards Hall of Fame awardee (2006) for screenwriting Rodolfo "Jun" Lana, Jr. tackles the proliferation of sex scandals in his directorial debut Roxxxanne. This indie film is a cautionary tale about a boy who makes his community believe that his new neighbor is the same woman in a cellphone sex video, unknowingly setting off a series of events that leads to a brutal climax.


The stars of Roxxxanne are former Viva Hot Babe Sheree, Ethel Booba's current boyfriend Janvier Daily, and promising actor Jay Aquitania in his very first sexy, but gay role. This digital film has the tagline, "What secrets do u hide in ur celfone?"


Janvier leads the male cast as Jonas, the sexy, rough, college dropout. Another lead male character is Marlon (Jay), a closet-gay teenager who is smart but not as innocent as he claims.


A special sneak preview will be held at the University of the Philippines Film Institute, Diliman, Quezon City, on Wednesday, October 10. Screening starts at 7 p.m.