Michael Tuviera (center) directs the cast of the segment "Bangungot" (L-R): Jayson Gainza, newcomer Andrea Torres, Jaymee Joaquin, Pauleen Luna, Dennis Trillo, and Roxxane Guinoo. "Bangungot" is one of the three parts of Shake, Rattle and Roll 9. Photo: Courtesy of Regal Entertainment

Regal Entertainment brings together today's biggest and most sensational teen stars from the two giant TV networks (ABS-CBN and GMA-7) to star in the 9th sequel of its horror series Shake, Rattle and Roll.


Mother-and-daughter producers Lily Monteverde and Roselle Monteverdeo-Teo will screen the three-part Shake, Rattle and Roll 9 on Christmas Day as their entry for the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Shake, Rattle and Roll 9 features three segments with only one mission: to make audiences scream during the festive holidays.


The first episode, "Christmas Tree," tells the bone-rattling story of a family who spends a Christmas break at their grandmother's house after recovering from a painful tragedy. As they happily celebrate their warm reunion, the eerie Christmas tree in the living room watches them  with unblinking, bloodthirsty eyes, waiting for the right moment to turn each family member into its grand Christmas feast.


Director Paul Daza marks "Christmas Tree" as his feature-film debut. He also co-wrote the script of this segment with Fairlane Raymundo and Enzo Valdez. Nash Aguas (2006 MMFF Best Child Actor) plays the brave Stephen who discovers the key to stop the Christmas tree. Other who complete the cast are John Prats, John "Sweet" Lapus, Nash Aguas, Gina Alajar, Tonton Gutierrez, Boots Anson Roa, Sophia Baars, and Lovi Poe.


The second episode, "Bangungot," spins a daunting horror-suspense thriller about unrequited love. Young and beautiful Marionne (Roxanne Guinoo) is helplessly in love with the ultra-serious Jerome (Dennis Trillo) who is already engaged to Florence (Pauleen Luna). As Marionne decides to confront Jerome, a red-cloaked phantom traps them both into a twilight- zone nightmare that leads to an unexpected fatal twist.


Director Michael Tuviera (Lupin, The Promise, TXT, Shake Rattle and Roll 8: "LRT Episode") will helm the first team up of Dennis Trillo and Roxanne Guinoo for the silver screen. Also joining in the cast are Pauleen Luna, Jaymee Joaquin, Jayson Gainza, and newcomer Andrea Torres.


For the spine-chilling finale, "Engkanto" tells the uncanny tale of a teenage gothic band heading for a gig in a remote province. Unfortunately, they find themselves lost in a forest, forcing them to take refuge in an abandoned resort. Unknown to them they have trespassed the territory of the stunningly tempting Engkanto (Katrina Halili) who has menacingly bound them in an inescapable deathly spell.


Screenwriter Andrew Paredes brilliantly teams up with horror filmmaker, Topel Lee (Shake Rattle and Roll 8: "Yaya Episode," Ouija,) to drive viewers in an unrelenting horrific ride. Engkanto's cast includes Matt Evans, Mart Escudero, Melissa Ricks, Jewel Mische, Felix Roco, Sam Concepcion, Jojo Alejar, Hector Macaso, and Katrina Halili.


This latest reincarnation of Shake, Rattle and Roll is filled with astounding visual effects that will take the frighteningly macabre and grotesque stories to a whole new level.


Shake, Rattle and Roll 9 begins its haunting on Christmas Day 2007 together with Regal's two other Metro Manila Film fest entries: Bahay Kubo and Desperadas.