One True Love received a grade of "B" from the CEB (Cinema Evaluation Board) and was rated PG-13 by MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. Photo: Noel Orsal


When I saw the trailer, I deduced: It seems like nothing is quite striking about One True Love.


The motorcycle accident and amnesia reminded me of Meteor Garden.


The plot narrating the struggles of two ladies over the affection of a guy could not be exactly qualified as extraordinary.


That scene where Marian Rivera was begging Dingdong Dantes not to leave her was quite pitiable for my taste.


BUT when I saw the movie, I realized I made a hasty generalization.


THE STORY. Migs Mijares (Dingdong) was so in love with Joy (Marian) that in less than a year, he asked for her hand in marriage.


Even when Bela (Iza Calzado), the childhood sweetheart of Migs, returned from Canada and made an attempt to win him back, Migs's decision to marry his present girlfriend was resolute.


But early on, a tragedy struck the blissful marriage of Migs and Joy.


The guy met an accident, which caused his isolated retrograde amnesia. His last memory was that of his first and ex-girlfriend, and he forgot everything about his wife.


Joy did her best to bring things back to normal, but her husband could not feel any emotional connection with her. Migs could not take his mind off his first love. Meanwhile, Bela tried so hard to distance herself from her Migs, but the latter was persistent.


For her part, Joy became too interfering, always checking the whereabouts of her husband and monitoring his calls. This provoked Migs to make a choice: Be with his first love.


The wife made a last-ditch effort to save the marriage by talking to Bela but the meeting was futile.


At first, Migs and Bela were happy. But after a while, the guy started missing his wife. He became confused again, and slowly, he realized the girl who is his one true love.


My personal notes:


(1) The plot is too fictive, but the treatment is realistic. People can relate to most of the scenes because the characters' reactions are very instinctive. Walang pilit. Walang pagpapanggap.


  • Migs's reaction when he woke up at the hospital was very intrinsic. He asked Joy, "Sino ka?" and his perplexity and anxiety were genuine.
  • Joy's pain when Migs left her was heartrending. She sobbed inconsolably.
  • Iza's awkward feeling when Migs asked her to hug him in front of his wife and family was effortless. Shock and discomfort were written all over her face.


(2) The movie had a lot of memorable story lines. I will give you a sample.


  • Joy confronted Bela after Migs left her: "Si Migs lang ang nawalan ng alaala, hindi ikaw."
  • Bela's rejoinder when she was asked by Joy to leave her husband alone: "Ako ang kanyang first love, first kiss, first everything...You have the only thing I ever wanted in life."


(3) The symbols used were apt and added more emphasis to the film's defining moments.


  • Note the spot where Dingdong proposed to Joy and see how it became relevant to the love story of Migs and the lady he loves.
  • Pay attention to the scene at the ladies' room, where Bela bumped into Joy, and the former washed her hands meticulously.


(4) And as mentioned earlier, there's nothing unpredictable about the main sequence of events, but how the characters faced their struggles got me hooked.


THE CHARACTERS. Joy was too jumpy, but she's innately good-hearted. Bela was insensitive, but she's very level-headed.


Migs had his share of failings; but it became apparent that his judgment got fogged up by his amnesia. He was restless and confused, but in the end, he found what he wants and goes after it.


My personal notes:


(1) They all had their flaws but I couldn't hate them.


(2) The portrayal of the characters was intense and very natural—from the passionate kissing scenes to the heated confrontations to the emotional goodbyes.


(3) Dingdong and Marian were effective in portraying their roles. Their chemistry was palpable, and they were so at ease with each other.


(4) Iza Calzado's acting was superb. Her eyes were expressive, and her delivery of lines impressive. There were several scenes where she rendered me speechless.


(5) The support characters—Tessie Tomas, Jennica Garcia, Bianca King, Pinky Marquez, Chinggoy Alonzo, including the taxi driver-contributed to the richness of the plot. Lahat may silbi sa istorya.


THE IMPACT. One word to describe the film: stirring.


You will find Dingdong's passionate character irresistible. You will feel sorry for Marian's adverse struggles. You will admire Iza's selflessness. You will learn the many definitions of love. You will fall for One True Love.


Expect some glitches—like a few dragging portions, the distracting cast on Dingdong's arm, the scenes which were shown in the trailer but were deleted from the film, the unexplained part where Dingdong secretly took Joy's electric bill, and the unlikely speedy arrival of Migs at Joy's location towards the end.


But overall, you will find it noteworthy. May sundot sa puso.


And you will definitely agree with me that the trailer was just the tip of the iceberg.