“Kaya ko palang kumanta na ng iba aside from love songs and ballad and pambirit. Pwede pala akong kumanta ng relax, pwede pala akong kumanta ng upbeat, puwede pala akong kumanta ng groove lang,” says Jed Madela about his realizations while doing his new album titled All Original.

Photo: Courtesy of Jed Madela

Jed Madela discovers more about himself as he moves to a new recording label.

As a new recording artist of Star Records, Jed experienced having his written song being included in his new music album titled All Original.

For almost nine years, Jed was a recording artist of Universal Records before he signed up with Star Records in 2012.

During his stay, he was able to release six solo albums and was included in a few compilation albums.

When asked about his relationship with former record label, he told PEP, "You know, they gave me a lot of exposure and a lot of boost din. I’m really thankful naman sa Universal.

"But sometimes, we really have to move on to another playing field para makita natin kung ano pa ang pwede nating gawin."

ALL ORIGINAL. The 32-year-old singer is not really a newbie in writing songs, but “Tanging Ikaw” marks the first time that Jed had his work officially recorded and included in an album. 

“Kasi, I write songs but hindi ako talaga ‘yong songwriter,” he told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview recently.

Upon listening to his arranged song, Jed said, “Maganda naman ‘yong kinalabasan.

“The first time I heard it, sabi ko, ‘Wow, ito pala ‘yong tunog ng pinagpaguran mo.’

“Kumbaga ‘yong emotions mo, ganito pala ang tunog.”

Because of this experience, Jed said he got more inspired to produce more songs.

“Ang dami ko nang nasulat!” he exclaimed.

DIFFERENT JED. The ASAP mainstay also said in this new album, listeners will hear a different Jed Madela, who is known for hitting high notes in his previous music albums.

He gives credit to his producer and one of the composers in the album: Jonathan Manalo.

“Tinutukan niya ang boses ko, ang singing style ko, para hindi siya maging katunog ng mga previous record ko.

“Different Jed Madela talaga, different sound,” said Jed.