Even though Lani Misalucha was not present in the country when Universal Records launched her album in December 2006, the album continued to do well. To date, it has now reached gold record status. Photo: Courtesy of Universal Records


Lani Misalucha comes back to the country with a new self-titled album released under Universal Records. According to Lani herself, this album is "easy listening." She lists "Love Me Again" and "I Live For Your Love" as personal favorites. This is her first all-revival album which includes her own version of "Hold Me" as popularized by Whitney Houston and "These Dreams" by Heart.


I was expecting just another revival CD, but Asia's Nightingale lived up to her title and swept me off my feet. Literally.


Her repertoire of love songs captivated my senses, made me stop what I was doing, and nearly sent my mind to eternal bliss. She has this ability to lure listeners with her smooth, but equally powerful voice. She can hit those high notes without turning it into a scream.


Everything sounds right in this album, from the music to the backup singers; blending it together with Asia's Nightingale turned it into a healthy musical prescription for the soul. Personally, I'm not a big fan of love songs, but that outlook changed once I heard her rendition of "Never knew love like this before". She turned it into something danceable, with cool beats making me tap my feet in rhythm.


Overall, Lani Misalucha's self-titled is a must-buy. If you want something new from the love songs of old, then this CD is for you.