The new MYMP bannered by new vocalist Juliet Bahala will perform on February 12 at the Music Museum in the pre-Valentine concert  MYMP Now: Prouder Than Ever . Photo: Courtesy of MYMP

MYMP founder and guitarist Chin Alcantara had no clue back in 2008 that the single, "Now," would turn out relevant in defining the band's future.

The song written by Cattski Espina and arranged by Chin touches on  hope and love amidst life's uncertainties. It teaches one to seize the present and not worry about the future.

There's a reason / why we love each other now / And we don't know if this is forever... goes the song's refrain as sung by then vocalist Juris Fernandez.

Two years after the single's release and with Juris gone from the hit-making act, Chin continues the group's legacy while making  changes to overhaul MYMP's image.

PROUDER THAN EVER. Taking Juris's place is new vocalist Juliet Bahala, who assumed the vacated spot through an audition called by Chin. Juliet's demo would eventually serve as the yardstick when  other applicants were considered.

Eighteen-year-old Juliet was a former Grand Champion of the NCCC Star of Davao in 2007 and 2005 National Music Competition for Young Artists Grand Prize Winner.

Juliet was first introduced to the public last January 24 at ASAP XV and to the members of the entertainment press on February 3. She will have her baptism of fire on February 12 in the pre-Valentine concert MYMP Now: Prouder Than Ever at the Music Museum in San Juan.

The special concert, according to Chin Alcantara, will formally seal Juliet's place as the band's new face and showcase her vocal flexibility in numbers previously left out by the group to accommodate their former singer's range.

"Siyempre, kailangan namin kantahin 'yong mga signature songs namin pero iba rin 'yong style niya, so, mas marami kaming puwedeng gawin na hindi namin nagagawa dati. Marami kaming surprises for the concert," Chin said about the upcoming concert.

Complementing Juliet and Chin are keyboardist Hannche Mikoyan Bobis, drummer Jefferson Lima and bassist Bern Hardt Cuevas. They all  used to play in sessions with other notable artists like Nina, Christian Bautista, Kenyo, P.O.T., Imago, Rico Blanco, Barbie Almalbis and Sinosikat?

Chin hopes to jumpstart the new MYMP through the pre-Valentine concert before taking Juliet to shows and tours around the country and abroad. The band also hopes to make a new album.

Catch the new MYMP on their pre-Valentine concert this Friday, February 12, at the Music Museum. For ticket reservations, call Aileen of VIP Access at 09278592907 and Ticketworld outlets at 891-9999 or call Music Museum at 721-6726 and 721-0635.