Taylor Kitsch got into hot water when he wrongly implicated airport officials of the Philippines, even though the Hollywood actor hasn't been to the country at all.

Criticism...not fun in the Philippines?

When a foreigner makes a comment that puts the Philippines or Filipinos in a bad light, expect strong backlash from Pinoys.

In our desire to uphold our national identity, Filipinos have a tendency to condemn the offending parties and even brand some of them as “persona non grata.” Social networking sites are flooded with online debates about the anti-Pinoy comments.

In the words of a sociologist, Filipinos are by nature “mapagtimpi” but being shamed in public triggers an emotional response to save face or preserve dignity and reputation.

What do you think about the comments made by these foreigners? Are we right in demanding an apology? Or are we just balat-sibuyas?— thin-skinned and quick to tears like in peeling onions.

Here are the international celebrities who made Filipinos bristle:

1. Dan Brown

2. Lee Da Hae

3. Taylor Kitsch

4. Lucy Liu

5. The Desperate Housewives writers / Teri Hatcher

6. Alec Baldwin

7. Jimmy Kimmel

8. Claire Danes

9. Jay Leno

10. Howard Stern