(From left) Empress Schuck, AJ Perez, Lauren Young, and Dino Imperial topbill the mini-series of Your Song using KC Concepcion's rendition of "Imposible."  Photo: Courtesy of ABS-CBN

Your Song Presents: Imposible
tells the love story of two couples portrayed by Lauren Young, Empress Schuck, AJ Perez, and Dino Imperial. The mini-series using KC Concepcion's rendition of "Imposible" airs this Sunday, August 10, on ABS-CBN.


Melay (played by Empress Shuck) has a longtime crush on down-to-earth campus heartthrob Vince (played by AJ Perez). However, Vince already has a snooty and possessive girlfriend (played by Lauren Young). Melay's only source of comfort and support is her kind-hearted best friend Dino (played by Dino Imperial).


Though Lauren seems to be nice and demure off cam, she is a very talented actress as she has effectively portrayed her role as the backstabbing girl, Paige. Even Empress whose role is very sweet and nice won't let Lauren take all the credit.


This Sunday, Paige finds out that her boyfriend Vince (AJ) and Melay (Empress) are living under the same roof but because she is the reigning "Ideal Theresian Girl," she has no choice but to help the fire victims, including Melay, through a fund-raising drive.


Paige then discovers Melay and Vince in an awkward situation which causes her to break up with Vince. Melay's friends will convince her to join the IT Girl Contest to which she'll agree just so she can have her revenge over Paige.


Will Melay succeed with her secret and conniving plan to destroy Paige? Will Vince see her differently once she does so? And how about Melay's kind-hearted and supportive best friend Dino (Dino)?


Don't miss the start of the "hair-tugging" confrontations in Your Song Presents: Imposible on the Sunday afternoon drama series this Sunday, August 10, after ASAP '08 on ABS-CBN.