On its second season, TV5's suspense-horror show Midnight DJ introduces a new character. Starting tonight, November 22, Samboy (played by Oyo Sotto) is the new radio jock who will attempt to bridge the living with the dead. Photo: Courtesy of TV5

When Paolo Contis signed an exclusive contract with GMA-7, he could no longer continue shooting the second season of Midnight DJ, TV5's weekly suspense-horror anthology.

As a result, Oyo Sotto was chosen to take over the role of a radio jock possessing a third eye. However, unlike his predecessor Patrick (played by Paolo), Samboy does not have the innate talent of communicating with spirits. Instead, he fools everyone into thinking that he does have a third eye so that he could penetrate Midnight DJ, the hit radio program of the fictional radio station LXFM.


Oyo Sotto told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about his role as Samboy in TV5's Midnight DJ, which airs on TV5 every Saturday from 7 to 8 p.m.

"Si Paolo, nung huling episode, namatay siya at naging multo siya. Pag pine-playback nila yung tape, may naririnig silang boses. So nagpa-audition sila ng maraming tao then eventually, narinig nila yung boses ko at ka-boses ko yung nasa tape. Gusto ko rin mag-Midnight DJ pero wala akong third eye. Con artist ako dito sa Midnight DJ kasi gusto ko lang talaga maging DJ.


"Si Bangs [Garcia], ang love interest ko dito, siya talaga ang merong third eye at habang tumatakbo ang story, nahahawa na ako sa kanya. Unti-unti nang nade-develop ang third eye ko."


Oyo will also star in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Fest entry, Iskul Bukol 20 Years After (Adventures of Vic Ungasis and the Escalera Brothers), as the son of Vic Sotto.

SYNOPSIS. Midnight DJ is the name of a hit radio program that airs on LXFM or "New City Radio." The new soul behind Midnight DJ is Samboy--a street-smart, lovable everyman with a shady past and a knack for native folklore, played by Oyo Sotto.


Completing the team are Samantha (Bangs Garcia) his sweet yet spunky researcher, Bodjie (Joaqui Tupas) the sidekick radio technician, Trixie (Jenny Miller) LXFM owner and station manager, and Andrea (Desiree Del Valle) the newly promoted programming director.


Together the team forges on to bridge the living and the dead, taking on unresolved deaths, ghosts and ghouls as they bring life to the stories that haunt the night.


The pilot episode takes place six months after the death of Patrick, the previous Midnight DJ. LXFM ratings have gone down, and Trixie knows that the only way to bring them up is to revive their top rated program.


Andrea, still heartbroken over the loss of Midnight DJ's previous host, has just been promoted from producer to programming director. She is faced with the daunting task of filling in the shoes of Patrick.


To do this, she calls for auditions to find the new Midnight DJ.


With sidekick Bodjie and newly hired researcher, Samantha, the team sets off with their applicants for the Midnight DJ host. They tap Andy (Baron Geisler), Samboy (Oyo Sotto) and Shugo (Paolo Paraiso) to solve the orphanage massacre haunting.


Who will earn the right to take on unresolved deaths, monsters & ghosts, and the stories that bring life to the spirits that haunt the night?


The all-new second season of Midnight DJ premieres November 22 moving up to Saturday nights from 7-8 p.m. on TV5.