Viewers can vote for their favorite castaway in Survivor Philippines and it will be counted in the final Tribal Council that will air this Friday, December 12. Rob Sy (left) and JC Tiuseco (right) will face the jury during the live finale on GMA-7. Photo: Courtesy of GMA-7

In the upcoming live finale of Survivor Philippines this Friday, December 12, viewers will be part of choosing the first Pinoy Sole Survivor.

They simply have to choose between Rob or JC, the last two remaining castaways through text voting. This will be called the "The Philippine Vote."

The Philippine Vote will comprise one vote in the final Tribal Council and will be added to the eight votes cast by the eight members of the jury. This means that there will be a total of nine votes in the final Tribal Council that will determine the Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Unlike in past Tribal Councils where the one who gets the most votes is eliminated, in the last Tribal Council, the one who gets the vote of the majority wins.

For instructions on how to cast your vote, watch the last three episodes of Survivor Philippines on GMA-7 right after La Lola.

Voting starts midnight of December 11 and will end on December 12 at 8:00 pm.