"Bilib na bilib ako sa mga bida [Shaina Magdayao, left, and Melissa Ricks], kahit yung mga bata [Mica dela Cruz and Angel Sy, not in photo], yung mga bata na gumanap na Ella at Vira, ang tatapang nila, lalo na hinahawakan yung mga daga," describes one of the directors of Kambal sa Uma, Direk Manny Palo, about the two main actresses of the show and the little girls who played their younger versions. Photo: Courtesy of ABS-CBN


ABS-CBN's newest teleserye, Kambal sa Uma, will entertain viewers every day during siesta time. 


The story of Jim Fernandez's Kambal sa Uma was originally read by avid readers of Pinoy komiks.  Then, it was adapted on the big screen in 1979, which starred actress Rio Locsin. On Monday, April 20, Pinoy audiences will see the fate of two rat-like ladies in the TV adaptation of Kambal sa Uma on ABS-CBN's Hapontastic.


The afternoon slot was seen by directors Manny Palo and Rechie del Carmen as a challenge to keep their viewers glued to their television sets.


Direk Manny told the media, "Nung unang sabihin sa amin na gagawin namin na lang itong Kambal sa Uma na panghapon, of course, nandun yung pressure and challenge na gisingin namin yung mga manonood sa hapon.


"Kaya nga po naging desisyon ng management na binubuo ni Sir Deo [Endrinal, excutive-in-charge of production] na pagandahin at palakihin ang Kambal sa Uma na parang primetime, na parang mga pinapanood nating teleserye sa gabi. Kung gaano naeenganyo ang manonood na panoorin ang mga teleserye sa gabi, ganun din po ang ibibubuhos namin para subaybayan ng mga manonood at suportahan ang Kambal sa Uma."


Since this show was based on a Pinoy komiks novel, Direk Rechie admitted that they had to do a little change on it story so it could fit the schedule for a drama series.


She explained, "Actually, kasi nga TV series ito, kaya nga madaming characters but still stayed faithful to the original material. Kasi, this actually started as a komiks before it became a movie, and then now. So, more or less, pinagsama ang komiks at the same time ibang cut, ibang dimension ng character, para bang para mag-run ng mas matagal."


Kambal sa Uma  features young actresses Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks. They will play the role of the two young ladies—Vira and Ella, respectively—who have the physical features of a rodent. They will be separated from each other when their mother Milagros (played by the original Kambal sa Uma actress Rio Locsin) tries to save them from the persecution of the people in their town. Vira will be given away and will end up in the care of a rich couple namely Lourdes and Aurelio (Lotlot de Leon and Allan Paule). On the other hand, Ella, who has more prominent features of a rat, remained with her mother and lived in the mountains. When they grew older, these twin sisters will meet again and their differences will lead to a bitter clash.


Also joining the cast are Matt Evans, Jason Abalos, Aldred Gatchalian, Bangs Garcia, Jay-R Siaboc, Carlo Guevara, Jordan Hererra, Bing Davao, Nonie Buencamino, and Gina Alajar.


Find out the real identities of Ella and Vira in Kambal sa Uma starting this afternoon, April 20, on ABS-CBN's Hapontastic, right after Wowowee.