Wendell Ramos will figure in a love triangle with Cheska (played by Jennylyn Mercado) and her mother Claire (Jean Garcia). Dear Friend's latest offering, Karibal, will start airing on GMA-7 this Sunday, August 9. Photo: Courtesy of GMA-7


The unique bond between mothers and daughters is very profound. But when a brewing dispute interferes with their relationship, can the blood that unites them save and salvage their love for each other?

This August, Dear Friend's latest offering, "Karibal," presents the tale of a thorny love triangle between mother and daughter.

Karibal tells the touching story of the enduring love between mother and daughter. A bond so complex and real, it certainly gives everyone an intimate look at the powerful relationship between these remarkable women.     

The story revolves around the brewing love triangle between Cheska (Jennylyn Mercado), her mother Claire (Jean Garcia) and Cheska's boyfriend Darrell (Wendell Ramos).  

Cheska falls in love with her boss Darrell. But their age differences and Cheska's immature and childish nature hamper their relationship. The two constantly engage in verbal battles.  

In a few chance encounters, Claire meets Darrell and sparks fly between the two. During Darrell's predicament over his love life, he finds consolation in Claire, who is more mature and understanding beyond her years. What's more, Claire is smarter and more charming compared to Cheska.  

Soon, Darrell discovers that Claire is Cheska's mom. And that's when things really get complicated. This revelation marks a deep estrangement between mother and daughter.  

Can Claire and Cheska bridge the gap that tarnished their relationship? How will Darrell resolve the conflict between the two women who play important roles in his life? As the mother and daughter relationship is tested, can this still be saved?  

Karibal is directed by Andoy Ranay with Denoy Navarro-Puño as the head writer.  

The first part of Dear Friend's "Karibal" airs this Sunday, August 9, right after S.O.P.