Kris Aquino is praying that everything will go smoothly when she begins hosting The Price is Right live starting this Monday, March 7, 2011. Photo: Noel Orsal


"ABS-CBN's The Price is Right has proven to be one of the most generous and big-time game shows on TV today after already giving away millions-worth of prizes, including two brand new cars in less than a month.

"Hosted by the one and only Queen of Game Shows, Kris Aquino, The Price is Right continues to get stronger day by day with its unique brand of entertainment that tickles the Filipino's nature of being price-conscious and clever.

"Adding to the charm of the show is Kris' repartee with the contestants, who come from all walks of life and have different life stories and personalities to share. Even the program's two handsome announcers, Rich Herrera and Rich Hardin, are fast gaining popularity especially among the female population.

"Kris scores another hit with the success of The Price is Right, which consistently makes the Top 15 highest-rating TV programs nationwide according to Kantar Media. She has delivered iconic performances in her previous game shows such as Game Ka na Ba?, Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, and Pinoy Bingo Night. Her mastery of the game and natural wit make her a cut above the rest among her peers in the country.

"With her track record and accolades, Kris can easily be mentioned on the same breath with game show legends Bob Barker and Drew Carey, the former and the present hosts of the U.S. version of The Price is Right.

"Tomorrow (March 7), the excitement escalates as The Price is Right goes live everyday on its new timeslot at 5:40pm on ABS-CBN.

"Don't miss the fun and the challenge as Kris Aquino puts the Filipino's gauging skills to test on the hottest game show in the nation today, The Price is Right, from Monday to Friday, after Sabel on the game-show capital of Philippine TV, ABS-CBN."

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