Sharon Cuneta (in photo) will host The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition while Derek Ramsay will serve as game master for the show's challenges. Photo: Noel Orsal


"The transformation of the lives of 12 overweight Filipinos finally begins on Monday (May  30) in the much-awaited premiere of one of Philippine TV's biggest reality shows in history, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.

"Witness success stories as they happen as the contestants undergo emotional and physical challenges to get in shape and  change  the  course  of  their  lives  towards  winning  P1 million, a condominium  unit from DMCI Homes, a Vespa scooter and the title "The Very First Pinoy Biggest Loser."

"ABS-CBN's  newest  reality  TV  show  offering  also  marks  the  return of Philippine  Showbiz's  one  and  only  Megastar Sharon Cuneta to primetime. Joining her is actor-sports enthusiast Derek Ramsay, who will serve as the game master during the program's challenges.

"Over  the  past  week,  ABS-CBN  revealed  the  identities  of  its  12 contestants—seven males and five females—who all have heartfelt stories that can bring both tears and inspiration to every Filipino.

"Architect Alan Choachuy wants to lose weight to be able to meet and watch his grandchildren grow. Art Mendoza, who recently separated from his wife, doesn't want to die obese and not be able to live out his dream. Eboy Bautista, meanwhile, has always been on the heavy side, but the death of his father has got him thinking about his own mortality.

"There is also Eric Limatog, an emotional eater, who ballooned to his current weight due to his mother's illness, and fire volunteer JM Oloris who is afraid that people will tease his children because of his weight. Raffy Tan, who lost his parents in a gruesome crime, wants to be healthy so that he can give his sister a good future, while Ryan Razon hopes to learn to love himself and no longer be the 'not-so-good-looking Razon son.'"

"Among  the  women,  there  is  Angela Lupango who is desperate to shed the pounds  so  she  could start a family with her husband and Winwin Cabinta who  wants  to  finally  look  like  a real lady after being mistaken for a tomboy most of her life.

"Edden Cruz joined the show because she believes she can't afford to get sick as her children depend on her. Hazel Chua took the challenge so her parents will be proud of her. Meanwhile, Joy Siy said she is doing this for herself and no one else. Through the show, they hope to not just lose weight but to also gain confidence and knowledge that will make them better persons after.

"In the show's first weeks, the contestants will be divided into two teams—the Red Team will be trained by U.S. certified fitness specialist and  mixed  martial  artist  Chinggay  Andrada  while the Blue Team will be guided  by  sports  scientist  Jim Saret who was recently appointed by the Philippine Olympic Committee as head trainer of the National Team.

"Each week, there will be a weigh-in. The team with the higher percentage of weight loss will be safe from elimination, while members of the losing team will  each  decide  who they want to eliminate from their group.

"Cuneta,  who recently opened up about her own battle against weight gain in the program's first primer Bigating Pinoy, said that the program hopes to change  the  lives  of the viewers as much as the contestants. She said the program  will  impart  guidance  and  information that Filipinos can use to start leading healthy lives and in building a stronger nation.

"Remember  that  when you choose to have a healthy lifestyle, you are given more time to become a father, a mother, a child, a sibling or friend to the people you hold close to your heart," she said.

"Get  to  know more about the show and the contestants on the second-part of the  primer titled Bigating Simula: The Road to the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, this Sunday (May 29), 11:15am on ABS-CBN.