The Koreanovela Temptation of Wife was previously seen during the afternoon block of GMA-7. Starting tonight, June 6, it will be aired on its Telebabad block.


"By popular demand, GMA-7 airs anew the Koreanovela that kept afternoon viewers tied to their TV sets for almost 7 months. Temptation of Wife makes a comeback this Monday, June 6, after Secret Garden in GMA Telebabad.

"Known as the Koreanovela that dramatically changed afternoon viewing, Temptation of Wife spices up GMA-7's strong primetime lineup further.

"Since it's finale on May 31, viewers have missed the inspiring story of Angeline Goo (Jang Seo Hee) and the feistiness of her alter ego, Chantal Min. They have also looked forward to seeing—and loathing—once more the woman behind Angeline's hardships and the reason for her transformation, her own best friend Heidi Shin (Kim Seo Hyung).

"Learn from the experiences and mistakes of a wife who was almost murdered by her own husband just to marry another woman. Witness how she comes back as a reformed and empowered woman to avenge herself and to discover what she really wants in the end—peace and reconciliation.

"Starting June 6, Temptation of Wife: By Popular Demand airs Monday to Thursday after Secret Garden on GMA Telebabad."