Amaya, played by Marian Rivera, is plotting a way to free her people. 


"GMA Network's pioneering epic series, Amaya, definitely got everyone hooked on primetime as the main heroine gears up for bigger challenges and faces new foes in her quest for justice and liberation.

"The plot thickens this week as Primetime Queen Marian Rivera strengthens her defences and alliances against the ruthless warrior Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann). With the help and guidance of Ahak (Sheena Halili) and Kuling (Dion Ignacio), Amaya will find a lair which happens to be Lumad's (Mikael Daez) former territory. They set up a temporary camp in the empty land and plan their next moves to free her people.

"Meanwhile, Dal'Lang (Lani Mercado) suspects Lamitan's (Gina Alajar) kindness and believes she is still capable of plotting revenge on the former. Her hunch is proven true when Lamitan repeatedly hurts, curses, and threatens her while Binayaan (Glaiza de Castro) is out. How will Lamitan explain to Binayaan her ill-treatment towards Dal'lang when the latter witnesses her brutality?

"Bagani (Sid Lucero), on the other hand, pretends to be conforming to the rules of Angaway and his leadership in order to secretly plan his revolt. He even gets permission from Angaway to hunt for Amaya. Will Bagani succeed in his strategy to oust Angaway?

"These and more await viewers this week on Amaya right after Iglot on GMA Telebabad."

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