Wally Bayola (left) and Jose Manalo will not be seen in the comedy bars  Zirkoh and Klownz for at least one month. The two were suspended for being late to their show last week.   Photo: Noel Orsal

Eat Bulaga! co-hosts Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola are temporarily suspended from their nightly gigs in all branches of Klownz and Zirkoh, the comedy bars partly-owned by Allan K.


Wally and Jose committed a grave offense, not just against management but also against the regular customers of Klownz in Quezon Ave. According sources connected to Allan's comedy bar, the two comedians arrived very late in one of their scheduled performances last week.


Jose and Wally reportedly got stuck in a birthday party and a show in Nueva Ecija. Because of this, the duo failed to make it to their scheduled performance in Klownz Quezon Ave. The customers of the comedy bar that night naturally got disappointed and demanded a refund to their entrance fees.

It was also reported that it was their manager, Jun Nardo, who booked Jose and Wally for both shows, thinking they could make "lagare" from their Nueva Ecija show to their gig in Klownz Quezon Ave.


It was early morning when Jose and Wally reached Klownz Quezon Avenue. By then, most of the customers had gone home. Because of this incident, the two Eat Bulaga! mainstays had a long and serious meeting with the management of Zirkoh.

After the meeting, the Zirkoh Quezon Ave. management decided to suspend Jose and Wally for one month from all Klownz and Zirkoh branches.

Now, it's Francis Magalona, Sugar Mercado, Phillip Lazaro, and John "Sweet" Lapus doing the rounds for most of the bars where Jose and Wally regularly perform. The group does consecutive shows in two or three bars within one evening.


PEP discovered that Jose and Wally earn roughly P10,000 for each show.  Multiply that by two or three per night, almost every day, and it's a big loss, even if the suspension is just for one month.