Snooky Serna came in just one score short of perfecting the lie-detector test conducted by John “Sweet” Lapus in the "Don't Lie To Me" segment of Showbiz Central when he asked her if she wanted to reconcile with ex-husband Ricardo Cepeda.


Photo: Noel Orsal

John "Sweet" Lapus, who recently shed some pounds via liposuction, had an interesting guest for Showbiz Central's "Don't Lie to Me" segment—Snooky Serna, one of the most controversial actresses both past and present. Snooky sat on the lie detector seat as John grilled her with sensitive questions on her personal and professional life.

John wasted no time starting the test. He asked, "Ang dahilan daw ng hiwalayan ninyo ni Ricardo Cepeda nung araw ay usaping pera. Totoo nga ba na maluho raw ang isa sa pamilya mo?"

Snooky, who looked distant for a few seconds, answered, "Yes," which the lie detector confirmed. Which family member? John followed up with curiosity.

"Huwag naman," she begged off. "Magagalit ang aking beloved family. Pero past is past and ayoko na sanang pag-usapan. But [to make a] long story short, I think probably, e, nakaapekto yun sa relationship namin [ni Ricardo].

"Ako naman ang may kasalanan dahil masyado akong galante at masyado akong mapagbigay na I took my ex-husband for granted. Kumbaga, inuna ko ang ibang tao sa life ko, ganyan. Hindi naman sila nag-i-impose, pero ako na mismo ang nagbibigay," Snooky explained.

John looked like he didn't get an exact answer. His next question: "Totoo ba na gusto mong balikan ang iyong ex-husband na si Ricardo Cepeda?"

"No," Snooky answered in a low-pitched voice. The machine belied this, prompting John to perk up and do his lively signature dance move. That done, John asked Snooky why she didn't want to get back with her ex-husband.

"Kasi I feel na we're much better off as friends," Snooky explained. "So, friends kami ngayon. Siguro kaya naging ‘Lie' kasi gusto ko na maging friends kami."

Moving on, John now concentrated on Snooky's most recent relationship. The question was about Snooky's ex-husband, rocker Niño Mendoza. Rumor has it that Niño's family didn't approve of Snooky. Is this true?

"Yes," Snooky said. The lie detector confirmed her honesty. When John asked her to explain, Snooky let it all out.

"Isa sa mga reasons yun. Siyempre, non-showbiz family kasi sila and unfortunately, e, may mga preconceived notions tayo na ‘pag showbiz, parang nilalahat nila o dyine-generalize na ganun ‘yan, ganyan ‘yan without even giving you the benefit of the doubt, or kilalanin muna nang mabuti. So it affected the relationship, aside from other things that I wouldn't rather talk about habang under annulment ang aming marriage," the former child actress said.

"Pero grabe, ah!" John exclaimed, referring to Snooky's past short-lived relationships. "Para kang si Britney Spears! Ang bilis!"

"Wala pa kaming one year, and I'm not too proud to say, mga seven months, ganoon," Snooky said, looking crestfallen. Still, she is proud about her decision since she is happy now. Her family is happy and she would never exchange her kids for another man.

John, who still didn't realize how ma-kuwento Snooky can be, took note of Snooky's newly acquired tattoo.

"Alam mo, kapatid, kung bakit, Sweet?" Snooky started, "Kasi ever since ho, hindi n'yo naitatanong, meron akong rock star, ano, quotient... Frustrated band member ako and na-stereotype lang ako na ‘Sweet, sweet, sweet!' which I don't mind naman. Kaya lang, I have other facets naman other than being sweet."