Former beauty queen and actress Aurora Sevilla faces the possiblity of serving prison time after she was arrested by Mandaluyong police for allegedly peddling illegal drugs.

Photo: File copy

Mandaluyong authorities are set to file charges against former beauty queen and actress Aurora Sevilla after she was allegedly caught selling P2,000 worth of shabu to a man identified as Rodney Chudian.

Reports say that Sevilla denied the allegation, saying that the incident was a set-up and that the illegal drug was only handed to her by Chudian as the police officers were approaching. Chudian, however, told police that he was in the area to personally purchase the drug from Sevilla.

Arresting officers revealed that they also discovered two more grams of shabu inside Sevilla's pocket.

GMA News reported that Sevilla told the police she was in Kalentong to play the slot machine, hoping to obtain money for her child's field trip. Authorities, on the other hand, mentioned that they've been closely monitoring Sevilla for several days, based on information they received that she was conducting drug trade around the area.

Aurora Sevilla first gained public attention in 1984 after she was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas. Her beauty queen status eventually served as her ticket to show business where she appeared as a leading lady in various local action films, including those with the late Fernando Poe Jr.