Singer Geneva Cruz (inset) has already said her piece on her relationship with husband KC Montero (main photo), revealing surprising facts like having miscarriages. KC for his part has now broken his silence and talks about having his door open to Geneva and how much his misses Heaven.

Photo: Noel Orsal

Geneva Cruz's interview on Saturday's Startalk was filled with emotion, and her revelations about married life with KC Montero were deeply personal. From the downs of the relationship to failed pregnancies, Geneva fully told her side of the story (CLICK HERE to read the story).

Yesterday, May 23, on Showbiz Central, it was KC Montero's turn to speak out on his relationship with the singer.

Geneva had revealed in Startalk that she suffered two miscarriages during her marriage with KC.

KC confirmed this by explaining, "She did have two miscarriages and that was not a very public thing, pero okay naman, it's out there. And noong time na 'yan, it was really hard for us both but I wasn't there. I was actually in the States, so I wasn't there to help her through the time she had, so talagang it was super hard sa kanya."

After a short pause, he continued, "I just... She's a really strong woman and I'm proud for her for making it through that. And they were two boys, so they were gonna be KC Junior. And unfortunately, they didn't make it."

Since KC knew the sex of the baby, was Geneva's pregnancy that far advanced before she had the miscarriage? How did he feel about losing his son?

"Lalo na boy, lalake siya, so... I am not a very emotional person and I don't talk about my feelings to anybody, so I really held it all inside," KC said. "Sometimes, when I am alone, I think about it but it hurt a lot, with my family also. I just try not to think about it."

"I WANTED TO GIVE HIM A BROTHER." Being a father to Heaven (Geneva's son with Paco Arespacochaga) during his seven years with Geneva had been a joy to KC, and the thought of having another son would make the family happier. Wanting a child of his own, KC expressed his desire to give Heaven a sibling.

"Of course, yeah, and Heaven always wanted a brother with me and his mom," said KC. "He has a brother with Paco. I wanted to give him a brother and, of course, everybody wants to have a baby, so..."

Was he surprised by Geneva's revelation in Startalk?

"Actually I didn't watch it, but I saw it on the screen here," admitted KC. "Medyo, medyo lang. But Gen can do what she wants and she's a free woman. I applaud her for that. Ako naman, I just try to stay out of the public eye as much as possible even though it's hard. If Gen wants to say anything, it's up to her and I will support her whatever she says."

Then with a smile, he joked, "She's the boss, e. Siya ang boss."

SECOND TIME AROUND. Looking back on the seven-year marrige with Geneva, has KC rued things he shouldn't have done in the past that would somehow change the future?

"Yeah, of course," KC said. "Wala na kami and somewhere along the line, something went very wrong. Yes, I have regrets and I'm sure she has regrets as well. But you can't really look back anymore. Hindsight is, now we're here and you can only look back and hope na second time around, it will be better and you won't do that. Sayang."