Since 2007, Eric has been living and working in Hong Kong, but commutes to the Philippines weekly to direct two shows for TV5. He was at the former British colony when they held a rally to protest the handling of the August 23 incident in Manila. "It was really more of a silent protest. They want justice for the victims. They want a thorough investigation. They just want to find out what really happened. The whole world was watching that time."


Photo: Paul Mata

It's been three years since Eric Quizon decided to work and live in Hong Kong. He is now a director for Springtime Productions, a live entertainment company. He recently renewed his contract for another two years and work will begin anew this coming October.

One of the popular television shows in Hong Kong that his company produces is called Be Our Guest.

"Simpleng format niya. May nag-i-interview. Inimbita yung isang artista. Kuwento-kuwento habang kumakain. Ganoon siya ka-simple but it's very popular," he related at the Mandaluyong location of his new television show for TV5 called My Darling Sweet Lover, which he directs.

"Over there, I produce and direct live shows, events and musicals for them. Mostly, I've been in charge with the English and Tagalog productions but lately they've been concentrating more on Cantonese shows. I enjoy the job. I have a good relationship with my co-workers. I'm happy there."

In the meantime, Eric is directing his dad Dolphy in Pidol's Wonderland, which has been renewed for another season. In addition, he is also busy taping twice a week My Darling Sweet Lover, which will feature JC de Vera, Danita Paner, Richard Gomez, Carmi Martin and Dina Bonnevie. The show will premiere in Ocotober.

He described the new show as at par and at the same time different from  the Kapatid network's alternative programming. He was also drawn to the light drama series because of its cast, which includes Nova Villa, Pilita Corrales and Eddie Gutierrez.

"I've worked with these people before. It would be nice to work with them again. Plus the fact that I'm also acting in the show. I also play the part as the father of Danita. And I also missed acting and directing.

LIFE IN HONG KONG. Eric learned the rudiments of directing when he studied film directing, specializing in television and movies at New York University (NYU) in 1993. He credits ABS-CBN for giving him the chance to start his directing career, with an episode of Maalala Mo Kaya, which featured Carmina Villaroel and Victor Neri. Then came Wansapantaym, Star Drama, Judy Ann Drama Special, and Your Honor with Richard Gomez.

When he transferred to GMA-7, he megged the first GMA Telebabad series in June 2003, Narito Ang Puso Ko, which featured Jolina Magdangal.

"From that time on, nagdirediretso na iyon. From 2003 up to 2007, I was doing soaps for GMA. Marinara. After that was Darna. Majika came after. And then it was Asian Treasures," he recalled.

"I had a good string of television hits. The last three shows were all top raters. When Darna came, it was the number one show. Majika was the number-one show. Asian Treasures also became the number- one show at that time. I consider myself very lucky."

It was after his stint as director of GMA-7's Asian Treasures with Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin that he started working in Hong Kong in 2007. He accepted the chance to work abroad a month before the television series ended.

"I did an interview with them," he said, when he applied at Springtime. "It was a welcome change for me. I was getting burned [out]. Burned [out] in a sense that I was getting so tired. Parang wala na akong time. It came to a point na my cholesterol was up. My sugar was up. My blood pressure was up. I was out of shape. I said, 'Wait, this is not a very good lifestyle.'"

He has come to love his life in Hong Kong. "It's quiet. I take the train. I walk around. Nobody bothers me."