When asked if she wants to settle down with the father of her child, Denise Laurel says, "Before I got pregnant, we gave each other a two-year timeline [before getting married]. Then I realized I want to see how we are as parents first." 

Photo: Jocelyn Dimaculangan

Denise Laurel, who is slated to turn 24 years old on September 30, has finally admitted that she has a four-month-old son.

The actress showed off her sexy figure in figure-hugging dress, leaving no signs that she gave birth to a baby boy during the last week of April.

Denise was one of the special guests during the Thelma premiere held last night, September 4, at SM Megamall.

Select members of the press, including PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) were able to talk to the former star of Kristine as she narrated anecdotes about giving birth.

ITALIAN-AMERICAN FATHER. Denise clarified that she gave birth here in the Philippines since "gusto ko kasi Filipino citizen ang anak ko."

The actress also revealed that the father of her child is an Italian-American, but she did not disclose his name nor did she disclose the name of their son.

When asked if he's a basketball player, the actress replied, "Maybe, maybe not. Joke!"

"Hindi, 'wag na 'yon. Hindi naman siya artista, so I don't really wanna involve him. Ako na lang."

She says of their arrangements: "We make time to see each other. We travel in and out [of the country]. Sometimes I travel to go to him. [He's] traveling... paiba-iba yung country ng work niya depending on the season."

Was the father of her child with her when she was giving birth?

"Ay, hindi," said Denise.

"Kung nandun siya, makikita siya ng mga tao, e, ang tangkad-tangkad niya.

"I wanted it to be very private."

Are they still together?