"I am blessed that I've been doing this job for a long time. I can do a lot of shows with my eyes closed. Pero kung kinakailangan ako magbawas dahil kailangan, gagawin ko," says Boy Abunda on the recent career decision he had to make.

Photo: Noel Orsal

Boy Abunda says that a farewell episode of his late night entertainment news program Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN) is inevitable. Only that there should not be much drama.

"Hindi naman siguro [forever mawawala] ... It's the kind of material that can come back so dapat hindi heavy ang paalamanan," states Boy. He also mentions that the three-year-old SNN for which he originally signed a one-season contract has fulfilled its purpose.

"Oo, magti-three years na kami so okay na yun."

At Olay Total Effect's event at the Mandarin Oriental hotel yesterday, September 8, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the opportunity to get an update about the upcoming merging newscast of SNN and ABS-CBN's current affairs program Bandila.

"Napanood ko kahapon yung presentation episode," tells Boy.

"Base dun sa napanood namin, base dun sa ginawa naming presentation episode, natuwa naman ang management. Pero sabi ko nga, you wouldn't know how it's gonna go, and how far it's gonna go until you really do it."

Asked whose idea the merging was, Boy claims it was his.

"Yung [ideya ng] pagsasanib sa akin.

"It was an idea that I brought up many, many months ago. Less than a year ago, hindi mga over a year ago. Less than a year ago we started to talk about it.

"For many reasons, practically kasi, you know, parehong sobrang late. You know, ano ba ang puwedeng magawa? And I said one time, why not join forces and strengthen the equity kasi both of us naman are delivering news. Except that [SNN is entertainment/current events] and wala pang konsepto na pinagsanib ang news at saka ang current events at ang entertainment news. So subok, di ba?," states Boy.

Asked if he will have his own entertainment news segment on Bandila, Boy explains that he will in fact join news anchors Julius Babao, Karen Davila, and Ces Drilon.

"I sit as one of the anchors. Hindi ito yung tatawagin ako, 'Ngayon [for] entertainment news.' Hindi. I open the show, and I close the show with them.

"So halimbawa, it opens with Julius [Babao], Karen [Davila], Ces [Drilon], ako... I will also close that way. So exciting siya. Bago, bago."

The integration of current affairs and entertainment news is fairly experimental. Does Boy think this will work out the same way his past shows have?

Boy answers, "I don't know. But we'll try, we'll work. You know, it's a challenge and it's a risk.