Mo Twister (above), in a local radio show, gave what he said was his "final statement" on the leaked videos of himself talking about a sensitive issue involving then girlfriend Rhian Ramos. The statement was aired today, Sunday, December 4, 2011, in Showbiz Rampa, the radio show of Noel Ferrer with Dehins Trillo and Boy Dale on 103.5 WOW FM.


Photo: Courtesy of Juicy! Facebook Fanpage

Mo said he was aware that "GMA would like to prosecute me for this.  I would like to apologize to the network for putting them in a bad light.

"This decision to have an abortion was not something the network instructed us to do."

He also apologized to Rhian "that our rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did."

Mo ended his statement with a promise: "I will never, ever agree to take the life of a child again. 

"It doesn't matter if it isn't my body or my choice. 

"I will not be put against the wall again. 

"I should have stood my ground, fought harder, delayed it longer, encourage more people to talk her out of it."

In the end, he said: "Until this very day, I love Rhian very much."

MO TWISTER'S STATEMENT. Following is Mo Twister's statement:

"There are so many questions to be answered. I don't even know where to start. I guess I can only hope in time, the whole and accurate story will be the one told. It may be too long to write now, but I know a short statement is in order.

"Currently, I'm in disarray because of how fast and unexpected this has all become. I'm confused on whether I should do any interviews or just keep silent about the whole thing. One moment I think I should explain, the other I think I should shut up. I don't even know anymore.

"I am disappointed about the video. I'm saddened about the rumors of its upload.  Most of all, I'm ashamed at myself for the loss of our child.  It was something I never wanted to happen.  It went against my every value and until this very day, it makes me breakdown in tears—something I never have moved on from—I don't think any parent can.

"Of course it was done with utmost regret and I still wonder if I did all that I can to prevent it from happening. I thought I did, but I ultimately sided with the decision of my girlfriend, because I was put against a wall, to a point where I had to choose between the safety of the person that I love and the life of our child.

"As you have heard or read in the video, I do not blame Rhian for our actions even though it was no one else's choice. The pressure on her was too great. 

"Am I upset at her? No. However, I do feel sad about the opinions of the people who are closest to her. You see, I am pro-life. I know we all have a different stance about this sensitive topic, but I am and have always been such.