Anne Curtis on settling down: "For me, it doesn't matter what your age is as long as you know that person is the right person for you and you know that it's the right time. It could be tomorrow. It could be three, four, five years, or it could be months. Who knows?  But for me, it depends on when you know that this is it, this is forever. That's when you make a decision."

Photo: Noel Orsal

"And, of course, it's also from the Lord.

"He gave us this wonderful, wonderful world with rainbow and sight to view."

Ikinuwento nga raw ni Anne kay Charlene noon na may insecurity siya sa kanyang lips dahil mas malaki ito sa karaniwan.

Ayon kay Anne, "Yes, inaasar kasi ako ng daddy ko about my lips.

"But, hello! Dumating si Angelina Jolie. Ngayon, in na in ang lips [ko]."

FOR HER FAMILY. Ang ikalawang kanta na inawit ni Anne ay "For You I Will."

Ayon kay Anne, "That's my song for my whole family because there's nothing that I wouldn't do for them.

"I will cross the ocean for them.

"I will do everything for them, for my family.

"I love them."

Napansin nga raw ni Charlene na "super close" ang family ni Anne.

Hypothetically, kung sasabihin niya sa parents niya na gusto na niyang magpakasal, ano ang magiging reaction ng mga ito?

Sabi ni Anne, "I think my mom, she'll like be a little bit open about it.

"But my dad, he'll be like, 'Are you sure? Are you sure about this?'

"Because he's always the one to tell his kids to 'Go out and see the world first before you settle down.'