Lea Salonga on Anne Curtis: "I'm not sure that she should make a career out of singing but I thinknaman she... In reality, she knows what she is. She knows who she is. And I think she just basically let out a wish and somebody made it come true. I thought it was really cute. I didn't get to see the concert. But everybody that I know that went there had a lot of fun."


Photo: Rommel R. Llanes

"I've gotten my fair share. Name it, I've probably been called it from behind the comfort of a computer screen and keyboard."

Isa naman sa pinakahuling entries ni Lea sa kanyang Twitter account kahapon, February 14, ay ito:

"What kind of person would cuss someone out on Twitter? Anong klaseng tao ang nagmumura sa iba sa Twitter? Duwag o matapang? Coward or brave?"