The racist allegations about the controversial cover photo of FHM Philippines continue. But its subject, Bela Padilla, reiterates on her interview with BBC World News, "We weren't thinking of harming anyone and we weren't thinking of racial discrimination."


Photo: Noel Orsal (Bela)/FHM Philippines (inset)

According to the letter sender, she is one of the "dark-skinned models" who was supposed to be on that photo shoot. But her participation on Bela's pictorial did not push through.

Sinoia said that, in her opinion, the photo was not racist "because it's art."

She added, "I even called my friend, who's the only black girl on the cover, [she] didn't find it racist as well.

"If ever there is someone/somebody to feel bad about this cover or call this offensive and racist, it's US, the black people in this country."

The rest of her e-mail reads as follows (published as is):

"Racisms againts us were strong, we experienced and still experiencing discrimination but not in this pigeonhole. People should open their eyes, do they see any black celebrity in this country asided from Jaya and Wilma Doesnt? How about black commercial model? Or the whitening soap they are endorcing? How about the billboards in EDSA, are there any black models?

"We have talents to showcase because we can sing, dance and act but we are hesitating because we are not sure that if this country is willing to accept or create their own version of Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc! ? NO! If yes, why am I still here inside my cubicle working (if ever I don't have runway shows or photoshoots).

"There are so many issues about blacks to thrash out not just this one!

"I experienced everything - name it! You know why it's because I am black! Throwing stuff, "ipahabol sa aso", teasing me "negra, ita, kirara, ulikba, watusi..", "tignan ka from head to toe then tatawanan ka tapos pagbubulungan ka", madami pa jan but are these people even the media are aware of these issues?! I guess not!

"People should remember Martin Luther King's famous quotes, "you should judge people by the content of their character and not the colour of their skin..." The colour of someone's skin has nothing to do with their character and their character is what determines what kind of person that they are!

"Yun lang po.. just sharing ;)"

FHM'S STATEMENT. Following the negative reactions about the controversial cover photo of FHM, the glossy men's magazine immediately decided to change the cover.

FHM also addressed the issue by releasing the following statement last February 27:

On Saturday, February 25, we uploaded the March issue with Bela Padilla on the cover on our Facebook page.