Benjamin Alves on pressure of being Piolo Pascual's nephew: "I think if I have pressure like that, I would be thinking or riding the whole Piolo bandwagon if I have pressure. I've always thought that I have something to offer and it's really who I am, so that's my pressure. To be able to tell who I am, but not to be able to build who I am because Piolo is my uncle... it's totally separate kung sinuman po si Piolo sa akin."

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"When I met him on his birthday, he already asked me how I'm doing, how's Guam."

DREAM LEADING LADIES. Dahil isa na siyang Kapuso, sino sa mga Kapuso actresses ang gusto niyang makasama o makapareha?

"Actually, kung sinuman po ang gusto nilang i-partner sa akin, okay naman po ako, e.

"Pero yung sa akin po, I think everyone naman wants to be partner with Marian [Rivera], Heart [Evangelista], Lovi [Poe].

"But for me, I'm just starting out. I'll accept any. 

"Kasi lahat naman sila, when I watch and I do watch when I'm in Guam, GMA produces quality actresses, e."

Patuloy pa niya, "I think the pressure is on me to be at their level. Yun po ang inaano ko po.

"Kahit sino po do'n, gusto ko pong sabayan as far as acting po."

WHO IS BENJAMIN? Paano ipapakilala ni Benjmain ang sarili sa mga hindi pa talaga siya kilala?

"I was told I was very quiet, very reserved. 

"So, I think it takes a while for me to open up. I think I'm a really shy person.

"And that's why I really like acting because it takes me out of my mold.

"So that's where I hope to excel with proper training," sabi ni Benjamin.