Daniel Matsunaga on breakup with Heart Evangelista: “When I went to Brazil, it start happening—maybe because of distance and it was really hard, the communication. Because Skype in my city there in Brazil is really hard, the connection, the wireless thing. And you get stressed also in work and everything."

Photo: Ruel J. Mendoza

“It’s not really that I didn’t eat.

“I was really sad and when you’re sad, you just want to stay alone and you don’t feel really like eating.

“I was eating of course but I lost weight in a way... I lost weight.

“I stay in my room, I was alone. I had the support of my family, I ask for my sister all the time.”

Alam daw niyang marami ang nalungkot sa nangyari sa kanila ni Heart kaya humingi ng paumanhin si Daniel.

“I just want to apologize what they are expecting me, but I have nothing to do because every relationship, there’s good and bad.

“And this is something that I didn’t expect to happen.

“So, I apologize to them… for people who are expecting me to be together with Heart still.

“And it happened when I was in Brazil so it was kinda embarrassing but it’s okay.”