Royal Artists Management Inc.—which is run by Annabelle Rama—has 25 talents, including Alyanna Asistio and Anykka Asistio. Of her 25 talents, 23 are "happing-happy," says the lady boss before adding, "Bakit lahat ng iba kong talents ay mahal na mahal naman ako?"

Photo: Noel Orsal

THE LAWYERS’ STATEMENT.  Meanwhile, the Calleja Law Office—the firm representing Annabelle—issued a statement yesterday, April 20, asserting that “there was no child abuse.”

Atty. Connie Aquino and Atty. Howard Calleja wrote:


With regard to the recent  resolution  of the Quezon City fiscal’s office to dismiss the charge for child abuse filed by Ms. Montenegro against our client  Ms. Anabel Rama, we abide by the Honorable prosecutor’s decision  and welcome their ruling specifically on the child abuse charge , as it clearly reflects our client’s innocence in the said matter.


With regard to Ms. Montenegro’s statement that she intends to present new witnesses—that is well within her right or prerogative to do whatever pleases her. But again it must be reiterated that it is not the number of witnesses that matter in the end but only the truth.  And the truth has already prevailed that there was no child abuse.


As clearly stated in the resolution, our client as talent manager is only tasked with the duty to procure assignments and projects for Ms. Montenegro’s children , but decision making as to whether to accept these projects or to make them work for certain hours is still lodged with Ms. Montenegro.


All other allegations that she made in her statements which are unsupported by any evidence are all baseless and hearsay.


With regard to the libel cases still pending, it is likewise our client’s right to file the proper motion for reconsideration with regard to the said cases; However, we would like  to reiterate that the said libel charges are merely an offshoot of the principal case for child abuse. And now that the principal case has been dismissed, we are confident that these charges will likewise be eventually dismissed.

The site has already scheduled an interview with Nadia this coming week.

It has also sent word to Daisy through her daughter Danita. PEP is open to publishing whatever statement she may have.