It took months before Nadia Montenegro could finally talk about the complaint she had filed against Annabelle Rama. She says, "I [took it to] court… That’s why I [withheld] that information because I [didn't] want everyone to know.

"I filed the case with nobody knowing when. I filed the child abuse case because I didn’t want anyone to see what I [was] filing.

"It is about my kids. This is not about me."

Photo: Noel Orsal

But there were people who saw the talent manager admit that it was her fault, and even "apologized" four times.

Nadia said, "She texted that to a hundred people, [and] that hundred people [texted] that to [another] hundred people… How can I prove to those people that it’s not true?"

Also present at the "tell-all" session was Atty. Marie Glen Abraham, who threw in: "Pero ang hindi naman talaga alam ng mga tao is she texted."

If not for Nadia’s interview, the rumors wouldn’t have been made public. (CLICK HERE to read story.)

Annabelle said in her most recent interview, "Sinisira niyang anak niya sa pagbanggit niya!" (CLICK HERE to read story.)

Nadia retorted, "So why did naman I reveal it? I didn’t reveal it.

"I answered why, I want the people to understand why I am filing a case [of child abuse] against this woman because if that happened to [her] own children, baka hindi lang ito ang gagawin nila—‘yong ihabla sa korte. Baka kung anong paraan pa ang ginawa nila…

"Nobody touched it. It was in the affidavit from day one, it was there kung bakit ko siya dinedemanda.

"Totoo, I didn’t reveal it. From the beginning of the case, October pa lang nandiyan sa affidavit."

Atty. Abraham seconded, "Hindi siya ang nag-out no’n sa public, kundi sinagot niya ‘yong mga allegations, that allegation against Annabelle Rama."

Nadia stressed that this already happened to Annabelle’s former talents in the past.

"Ito lang ang akin, ha. Hindi lang naman ako ang unang nakaaway ng taong ito.

"’Yong she has the knowledge, that she has the power… She can speak on TV and speak in front of everybody and make them believe because she’s matapang.

"People believe that she’s telling the truth. How can you swear na you didn’t say it when that [is] why there is a case?

"Who’s the liar now?