It took months before Nadia Montenegro could finally talk about the complaint she had filed against Annabelle Rama. She says, "I [took it to] court… That’s why I [withheld] that information because I [didn't] want everyone to know.

"I filed the case with nobody knowing when. I filed the child abuse case because I didn’t want anyone to see what I [was] filing.

"It is about my kids. This is not about me."

Photo: Noel Orsal

"Don’t take back what you said, everybody saw it, everybody read it.

"Naka-match ‘yon, tatanggapin ba naman ng korte ‘yon kung hindi ba naman naka-tweet ‘yon, siya lang naman nag-imbento no’n, e.

"Kaya we’re hoping that one of these days those witnesses will come out and say what she really said."

And what’s her reaction to Annabelle’s pronouncement that Nadia couldn't find a witness.

Nadia's consistent reply: "She apologized four times to me, in front of Annette Gozon, Mrs. [Tessie] Gozon, Maritess Gozon, and Tracy Garcia.

"She apologized to me in front of all of them, at the house of Atty. Felipe Gozon.

"She apologized to me four times.

"These people are a family of lawyers. Now, I believe that if they will be summoned [to] court, these people will tell the truth.

"I’m not asking them, I don’t even talk to them. That was the last time I saw them."  

But Annabelle seemed certain that Nadia would not be able to find a witness to prove her claim…

Nadia interjected, "Why, dahil ‘yong mga nasa affidavit, e, mga boss from the network na nag-aalaga sa anak niya?

"They know the truth and how to handle it.

"I never asked anyone, from day one, to take my side.

"Not once did I ask na, ‘Oy, kampihan n’yo ko.’ Not once did I ask anyone to believe me.

"That’s why I filed in court. That’s the only way I can fight. I won’t fight her battle—she’s scaring everybody, ‘wag niyang takutin lahat.