It took months before Nadia Montenegro could finally talk about the complaint she had filed against Annabelle Rama. She says, "I [took it to] court… That’s why I [withheld] that information because I [didn't] want everyone to know.

"I filed the case with nobody knowing when. I filed the child abuse case because I didn’t want anyone to see what I [was] filing.

"It is about my kids. This is not about me."

Photo: Noel Orsal

"In this case of child abuse, alam mo, I swear on my life, the person who truly understands me is Ruffa.

"I don’t know what the hell she’s been saying, she knows that this child abuse exists, even Ylmaz knows, everybody knows it exists...

"I don’t know why she’s pretending [it doesn't exist] right now."

What she initially wanted was for Annabelle to "release" her kids "in a peaceful way."

But according to Nadia, she got a "walang makikinabang kundi ako lang" remark from the talent manager.

Nadia was even willing to forget about the rumors, "pero dapat kasi tumahimik na siya, e, hindi siya tumigil."

She continued, "You have to understand that child abuse was [committed] because of how she treats them. Is the Cebu [incident] not enough? Why introduce my children na ‘single and virgin?’"

What’s the effect of all these on her daughters?

She answered, "Siyempre, masakit.

"That’s why I did this, how can they take that? Until now it’s still a big ano, it’s not a joke what we're going through.

"Natulala ang mga anak ko sa ginawa ni Annabelle sa kanila, what she said in front of them, she has hurt them so much to the point that they are emotionally distraught.

"I’ve never seen my children so tulala for months, ‘yong isa umiiyak sa gabi.

"Alam mo ‘yon, sobrang ang tindi…

"And if that’s not child abuse, I don’t know what it is. Lahat ng ginawa niya, hindi ko alam bakit hindi child abuse ‘yon."

For his part, Boy Asistio has plans of filing a case next week.