It took months before Nadia Montenegro could finally talk about the complaint she had filed against Annabelle Rama. She says, "I [took it to] court… That’s why I [withheld] that information because I [didn't] want everyone to know.

"I filed the case with nobody knowing when. I filed the child abuse case because I didn’t want anyone to see what I [was] filing.

"It is about my kids. This is not about me."

Photo: Noel Orsal

According to Nadia, "He’s not taking it well now. He’s hurting. He’s 76 years old.

"Kaya niyang mangyari sa pamilya niya ‘yan, kami hindi namin kaya ‘yan."

She won’t stop until justice is served.

"Alam mo, as a mother, ‘di ba… Dati ‘pag nagkuwentuhan tayo, ‘Ito ang pinagdaanan ko nung kabataan ko, grabe din naghirap ako, no’ng nine years old ako ganito ako…’"

Sadly, her daughters—who have been called "baduy," "manang," "hindi sikat," "walang talent," and, according to Nadia’s complaint affidavit, one was raped by her dad, the other had STD—will have these sad stories to tell.

"I never wanted my children to have stories like these in their lives.

"And because of a woman like her, this is gonna be forever in my children’s [memories].

"As they walk there, people will think, ‘Ay, anak ni Nadia, ‘yan kaya ‘yong may STD o na-rape?’

"This is for life.

"This is the damage she has done for life, and she has to pay for this."

With conviction, she repeated: "She definitely will pay for this, by God’s grace she will pay for this, trust me. Pagbabayaran niya ‘to."

PEP got in touch with Annabelle Rama and her publicist, Jun Lalin, but they have yet to send Annabelle's and Ruffa's side of the story.

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